I need a money if you send me a money it means you love me

I need a money if you send me a money it means you love me

nikk Created Oct 14, 2020 14:01

Aslama alikom how are you sisters and brother my name is naeem and I'm living in Italy i want to share my experience few days ago i met with a girl and she is sweet and we start talking i thought she is real person and i was happy finally helale worked but unfortunately after 3 weeks texting she start saying her problems and then asked for money and i was shocked that money will prove that you like me or not so guys please don't send money to anyone if someone asked about a money or trying to saying her problems then be careful they are fake


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Helahel Admin

Oct 14, 2020 16:51

Sorry to hear this, please make sure to report the user so they can be removed. If it happened off of the site please message me on this profile with a link to the users account, please do not post it here in the forum though, thanks.


Oct 14, 2020 20:21

As ~ Salaam Alaikum

I’m sorry to hear about the unfortunate events that have unfolded in your life.

As soon as anyone asks for money (Alarm bells should be ringing)...
Block and report! It’s sad to say, many brothers get fleeced out of money on marriage sites due to them wanting to help.

Please be more cautious next time brother.


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