why so much woman's didn't accept any man for a years

why so much woman's didn't accept any man for a years

Amr Created Oct 7, 2020 10:53

why so much woman's didn't accept any man for a years
i can understand that she didn't find the man she looking for
but for a years?
so she Looking for a man who is at a higher level than her
Or maybe she dreams of a man who does not exist
If one of the above advised you to stand with yourself and a realistic position of honesty
Or perhaps she loved her condition and adapted to him and is afraid that her life arrangement will be destroyed
If this is the reason then excuse me ... why did you enter this site?
Unfortunately there is another reason I noticed
There are those who entered into marriage, but Satan seduced her and adorned her to be the desired and desired lady, so she talks with this and that and lives fake love stories as if she were a girl in the 20

This criticism is also directed at men .. they have all of the above and perhaps more

The intention here is for every man or woman to reveal himself to himself
and define his basic requests in his life partner that he cannot and will not give up
and try to relieve them as much as possible
then defines what can be waived

Be realistic dont follow shaytan
for sure he dont want you to marry


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Deleted User

Oct 13, 2020 02:29

Thank you for the post, I can't speak for all women but you have no right to Criticize a woman's choice. Most of us arr here for the sake of Allah & to complete our deen...At the same time; that doesn't mean we have to jump to the first man we come across. So take a back seat. May Allah make it easy for all of us, Ameen


Oct 13, 2020 07:53

i am not saying (all) i said (so much) i dont know why you take my words on you
Also i am not saying go for the wrong man I'm against women who accept the wrong husband just because they just want to get married Especially religious women who accept non-practicing men with the hope that they will change in the future
But yes you have to jump to the first man if he is a good man.fears ALLAH and prays and does not do anything Haram

Muhammad, God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said (If someone comes to you from whom you accept his religion, marry him) so this is first thing also how he look is important but what i mean dont ask for every thing because no one perfect
staying for years cant find the man (frequently) means there is mistake
May ALLAH make you find the better Muslim man soon , i hope my words dont bother you

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Oct 23, 2020 02:47

Akhi they haven't married or did accept a man/or woman for that many years is qadr the other think is that we all have our own reasons of been here some of us for fun or bored others will go to complete their deen I do not know how but that is what is on their profile,

then there are the ones that will go am not looking for a spouse but looking for friend ship and learnimg about other cultures although they can use Wikipedia and google map or street view this reason

One thing i have learned is that most us do not know why we have registered nor what we are looking for.

May allah guide us all to the siradul mustaqeem


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