understanding the Qur'an

understanding the Qur'an

HamzaJosiah Created Oct 4, 2020 23:56

As~Salaam Alaikum

Is it bad that I've not read the Qur'an in its holy form of Arab? I've read the translated version of the Qur'an 3 times (3 different translations) and some of the passages are completely different depending on the translated version.

I'm trying to learn Arabic but it's so hard, especially for a native English/French speaker. I have listened to the holy Qur'an in its holy form but I don't understand it unless it's been translated.

It makes me feel like I'm not a true Muslim until I have read the true Arabic of the Quran.

I hope you are all having a blessed day!

Allah Hafiz.


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Oct 5, 2020 19:19

Oh comeon my dear brother, it's not necessary.Our holy intentions that called Niyat matters more.Allah is everyewhere even in the heartbeat of satan.He who created all words,spells, n languages. Every Language is great.Don't make your heart down.Be strong with your Deen and heart.


Oct 5, 2020 19:56

Thank you for your kind words brother! I feel so blessed to have found Islam.
I always try to improve my relationship with the deen. You are right! We have to focus on the positives. 🕋

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Deleted User

Oct 5, 2020 21:20

Salaam. Don't feel guilty, you are just fine.

I don't want to disappoint you with my experience, but I feel you need to know something. The Quran is not easy to "understand". I spend 12 years reading, writing and speaking Arabic fluently. I can read the Quran about 100% but I understand 10% of it, I am here very optimistic. And I mean it.

To understand the whole Quran you need to be expert in Arabic language first, here I meant to be an Arabic teacher. After that you need to read about the theology and to be successful, you will spend 20 years and by then you may call yourself an expert. With all of that you can really feel the real Iman in Allah subhanhu wetallah.

I have seen a lot of so called Imam of the Mosque. Believe me they only understand about 5% of the Quran. You try to go to any Mosque nearby you and see the Imam, they never explain the mening of the Quran from any verse, they just copy and paste mentality. They are like a robot, they read from some books and that maybe not 50% true about the meaning of the Quran and then, they give you few words from that book. It is a disaster for our Muslim Uma. And we will stay like that till the last days.

So if you think when you learn Arabic you will understand the whole Quran, I have to tell you, you are wrong, cos not every Arabic speaking person understand the Quran, in fact we all are ignorant of the Quran. The Quran is very difficult to understand and there is no one explained it to us only in the time of our Prophet pbuh. I see Allah's work in everything I can see and hear and feel. I feel sad that we Muslims lost the true meaning of Islam. Islam today is a shallow religion. It's not about praying and fasting, it is much bigger than that. Our Prophet pbuh did his duty and he explained everything but our Sahaba spoiled everything. Anyway keep searching and reading. And I hope Allah will make your Iman very strong, in sha Allah.


Oct 6, 2020 19:17

@brother Hamza...i also only read translation...and even though its imperfect...it still makes my eyes swell with tears many a time...so i think your on point...at least you are making effort to read and understand the guidance of Allaah swt...may Allaah ta'alaa accept the best of our efforts and forgive the worst..Aameen.

Although scholars usually admit that translations are shallow and dont go deep enough with the actual meanings of the words.. so of course...its always a plus to learn Arabic..but more than that to learn the tafseer( explanation) of it as it was understood by the sahabas...may Allaahs Mercy be upon them all...This can be attained through first of all having a sound teacher upon correct understanding of the religion and using trusted and reputable books of Tafseer like tafseer ibn katheer...etc and then of course reputable books of hadith like sahih Bukhari and Muslim...

May Allaah ta'alaa forgive our shortcomings and accept the Best of our efforts..Aameen.

There are also Quran apps like Greentech apps that also have tafseer ibn katheer explanation of the veraea alongside the translations...you could try downloading that on google play...BaarakAllaahu feek.

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Oct 7, 2020 12:54

Well, it is easy by the permission of Allah and same way it may not be by his permission...
Since Allah has given us the go ahead to learn, read, recite , ponder and reflect on his Qur'an... That means he has already given us the permission... .

Anyone who is ready and will wants to learn the quran or it meaning, deep and details... With easy and understanding should message me.. Insha Allah may Allah grant us all understanding..

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Oct 13, 2020 02:24

You shouldn't feel guilty, Be hopeful instead. I recommend doing small steps 1) learning how to read Arabic which might seem hard but it actually is not.
2) learn one ayah per day even without knowing how to read Arabic-you can do so, by listening audio & repeating after the reader.
3) Not to give up hope, Be hopeful & have a clean intention at all times.

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Oct 22, 2020 18:10

gulam you said words of kufr, you need to repent. Allah said in the Quran that He is above His arsh. Claiming other than that is kufr. Fear Allah

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Oct 22, 2020 19:38

Assalum alaikum
@abufulan, I agree with you.
Sometimes i wonder if people are who they say.

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Oct 22, 2020 20:26

Hamza Akhi,
Truthfulness of your Islam is with you and between you and ALLAH SWT, don't ask humans about it.
An alim or someone with knowledge can properly comment on this.
But ALLAH SWT says in Qur'an we revealed this in Arabic, if you wish reading try Shiekh Imran Nazer Hossein's book the methodology of reading Qur'an. There are many things we learn and many we forget, we are very capable, our Rab made us that way, so believe you me, you will be able to read and fluently InshaALLAH if you put your heart to it.
As far as understanding 100% being said you are not required to understand 100% what you are required is to apply 100% of what you understand even in that if you miss something but your niyah is 100% that's good, however don't take my word for it ask an aalim. What sahaba RAA used to do was apply what they knew cent percent.
When you start reading and reciting you will love it InshaALLAH. Try it.


Oct 23, 2020 20:18


I’d just like to take the time to thank all the brothers and sisters for taking the time to respond to my question.
Thank you all! I’m feeling a lot more confident about reading the translations of the Quran...

May Allah bless you all 🕋


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