Will you travel to other country to see your future wife?

Will you travel to other country to see your future wife?

Zahra Created Oct 3, 2020 14:00

Assalamu'alaikum brother/sister, I want to know, especially from boys, if you actually ready to visit your future wife who live in other country?

Will you visit her if you never see her before?
It's hard for me to post or send picture for boys.

If you want to visit her before you ever see her, what is the reason?
And if you don't want to visit before you see her, also what's the reason?

Wish Alloh makes easy to meet husband/wife aamiin

Thank you


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Oct 4, 2020 12:25

Alykumsalam Sister,,I think itz a great hesitation becasue in this brutal era of satan where there is very less place for trust,believe n loyalty.everyone want to ensure the authenticity of his/her future partner and also there are lot of scammers who will be harmfull. Actually in another nation there will be a strange kind of environment for all of us that's why every person wanna ensure their physical and wallet security before foreign tour.Every nation also contains different types of laws and acts which are also unknown by a foreign traveller.


Oct 5, 2020 02:49

Thank you gulam, how to ensure the authenticy your future partner?


Oct 5, 2020 19:13

well Muslima itz hard to say but very soon i will provide some hints abt it

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Oct 18, 2020 05:10

Wa, aleykumu salam sis personally I would not travel five miles out side my town. Would you travel?

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Oct 18, 2020 05:27

The reason been one is I have met the person online which is the most difficult place to meet the right person, second it is permissable to see your future spouse beforehand so what are they hiding that they refuse to share their photo in an islamic way and third what if i travelled to the other end of the world and I or you was not who i have had in mind.


Oct 21, 2020 00:16

@gulam-e-mustfa I can't wait you tell it. Wish you have time to share, thank you.

@abdul, if I am a man I will visit to make sure I can live with her or not in the future. Because I think online things are different from real life. In online maybe people lie their age or else. Someone 60 can say 20 if they want in online.

If a man ask a woman to visit him than he visit her, honestly I don't know if he can be a good husband later.

Besides I don't like to share pictures to boys.

So Abdul from your experience what you ask to see from her until you finally visit her.

Thank you for sharing


Oct 21, 2020 02:30

well Zahra,first we have to ensure about him/her background if he/she wanna visit your land by various ways.-

A-Contact that person's nation embassy or high commission to get details abt him/her passport details also if he/she is going to visit your nation than he/she have to require some kind of visa or if his/her nation is exempted from your country visa rules than you can ask him/her flight ticket details to ensure abt her authentic status. Visa can also be very supportive to receive short hidden details abt that person's history like that person's history of attitude.

B, Get in touch with your nearest police authorities to ensure abt that person's authentic status😊

Very soon will have more ideas.till then,,Alloh Hafiz


Oct 21, 2020 13:35

Salam Alaykom will dear sister read what prophet Mohammad (Pbuh) said:
Al-Mughirah bin Shu'bah proposed to a woman, so the Prophet said: "Look at her, for indeed that is more likely to make things better between the two of you."
so Mohammad (Pbuh) said have a look for you both
Now put yourself in his place: Would you agree to incur the hassle and expense of traveling to go see a man faraway from you while you dont know hoow he look ?
will it is not all about pretty or not just knowing who i am talking to that what man think
if you please allow me to state that I read what you wrote on your page and found you an honest, realistic woman. I do not think that this point if you think about it will be a hindrance
I do not tell you send your picture from the first conversation, but rather I say that I am satisfied with him so send the picture after Istikharah


Oct 21, 2020 13:45

Excuse me i wish to ask you a question: What next after he comes to you?
You already have seen him and accept him in a large percentage, supposed yes?
Then you are more acceptable. Or will you tell him I need time to think and come back and wait?
We are in a situation in which we trust in God, we pray Istikharah and take reasons

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Deleted User

Oct 22, 2020 03:06

Seeing is better, than not seeing, I think and it's permissable, how a girl lives in her parents home is not what matters most, what matters is is she truthful, and on deen, how a boy lives doesn't matter much, men tend to change with company, usually a couple makes a family a house a home so if you have the right ingredients and will as recipe you will InshaALLAH become a good family.
As far as traveling is concerned, usually all visa authorizing authority ask for place of stay, mention the address you are visiting for, this may trigger inquiry for confirmation, one will know how truthful the other is, as far as picture is concerned, if a man says he's 30 and is 60 he won't be able to hide that well provided he furnishes a picture which isn't old, a woman is capable of doing that, Yani hiding if she wishes, but the point is you don't marry age of a person rather you marry the person, many humans defy age, and often heard it's just a number, anyways if someone is lying, don't we have the option of doing talak or khula, yes no one wishes treading it but deceit already nullify nikah.
Yet another aspect is fear, fear that you can be mistreated in a foreign land, no knowledge of language, Yani someone can possibly trade you. Pun wished.
Don't do pictures, get a good cam, make video call, include a family member so you don't cross your line. Will is what it takes, hurdles and fear are natural and human, where there's a will there's a way.

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Oct 25, 2020 04:34

Ukhti I totally agree with you all most all of us lie but the question is how long can they hide behind the screen. The truth will come out sooner or later and personaly I rather be honest about the basics such us how I look, my age, and my previous marital status if I had one before. but then all these depends on one's intention for example are they here to get married or for other reasons. The other thing is that you only know the person goodness or badness when you start living together as a spouse and these is when the reality kicks in


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