Why am I not getting the right person?

Why am I not getting the right person?

Nee'matallah🥀🌹🌷 Created Oct 2, 2020 10:59

As-salam alaykum warahmatulah wabarakatuhu!!!! I still don't know why most guys are here? Many of them wanted a fling but it shouldn't be so, no one can tell who will be... May Allah ease our affairs. Aameeen!!!


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Oct 2, 2020 21:15

Salam Muslima,,itz all abt on the will of Almighty,,Be Bold and keep smiling

Shahraz 007

Oct 2, 2020 23:24

Not wanting to hijack the conversation as that is a no no🤦‍♂️......Why do ladies judge guys just by there picture..are the once judged now judging wowza...Hmmmmmmm. also when one sends a message to a prospect with a hint of trying to be nice why do ladies get annoyed.....Guidance and some answers would be most appreciated. Or just ignore my messaage 🤷‍♂️


Oct 3, 2020 00:55

God time is the best, keep praying when the right person and the right time comes, it will be much easier. May Allah make it easy for us, amin


Oct 3, 2020 14:51

Akhi shahraz...try being respectful and straightforward instead...Baarak Allaahu feehi.


Oct 3, 2020 14:54

Ukhti Ni'ma...you are the lady...you call the shotz by what you allow and/or disallow.....if you fear Allaah and be disciplined yourself..you would in shaa Allaah be able to sift out unseriousness...and only worthy people would be willing to stay..and be bound by tough rules and boundaries anyway...although..its not always that straight forward in reality...may Allaah ta'alaa continue to guides us aright..Aameen.

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Oct 3, 2020 16:34

@Simbiha, yes only worthy and decent people would stay. Not many around or have not come across them


Oct 3, 2020 18:19

@Me..Fa Sabbrun jameel...patience is beautiful..i pray we all keep our standards always ..in shaa Allaah the right person will come and stay...Aameen.Baarak Allaahu feekum everyone.

Shahraz 007

Oct 4, 2020 02:09

Simbhia hahah i always am but you ladies are confused to what u want. You and yours have hated because im too nice ..so its you and your gender that need to fix up


Oct 4, 2020 22:08

InshaAllah ukhty. Don’t get sad)

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Deleted User

Oct 13, 2020 02:49

Waalaikuma salam beautiful sis, You will get married when Allah says to who HE wills. Well, Some are here to chat & you can tell which ones those are; Just delete them. Don't put yourself in a time frame & May Allah send you a beautiful person in & out, Ameen

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Deleted User

Oct 13, 2020 02:53

Also, know your worth. You are worthy of being a wife. delete all those gf seeking men ASAP. Don't settle for a sweet-talker who has no intenition of marrying.


Oct 13, 2020 08:39

looks like asking for marriage on Internet is not easy as we think
May Allah give you what is good for you


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