simple trick to know a scammer

simple trick to know a scammer

Mohamed, Created Sep 18, 2020 14:48

search for the pic he put as a profile pic on PC right click and then choose search Google for iamges and read what sill appear if it si genuine you will know as it wont belong to a model or someone famous once i found a p**n star pic lol the scammer choose the most decent one but still i caught him lol


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Sep 18, 2020 17:51

Unless they change image name after downloading.


Sep 18, 2020 23:13

Nah, Amir is highlighting something that scammers can learn from...
No problem Brothers, at least you both have shared something useful for a new scammer. LoL....


Sep 19, 2020 01:27

not useless i do it every time and what do you mean by changing the name of a photo lol???

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Deleted User

Sep 19, 2020 01:44

Easy way ask them to open their camera for a VC


Sep 19, 2020 02:16

Thank you for sharing this info


Sep 20, 2020 00:32

lol i was asked to open the camera and i had a problem with the camera as the laptop wasnt mine and so she thought i was a scammer

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Deleted User

Sep 23, 2020 00:53

@Amir.. Yep, your right

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Deleted User

Sep 23, 2020 11:36

This search is not always right. When you put a picture in some search engine, this by itself doesn't mean everything will be in Google or in Bing. By some websites they don't give permission to share to the third parties like Google. And Google can't steal the picture from those websites without any agreements. But scammers can steal those pictures cos no one can catch them. So this means, when you don't find those pictures in Google or in Bing picture search engine, this doesn't mean they are genuine and you can 100% trust them. Now I see a lot of pictures that is not on Google or on Bing and they are definitely scammers made profiles. For me, when I read a profile content I know who is genuine and who is not.

You have to understand not all scammers are afraid to show themselves and some scammers are females they work together with their men/ boyfriends. They have different ways to scam people. I talked live with a young woman for few days and she was the same woman here in her profile bit she was a scammer, looking for a fool men. In one of our live conversation I knew she had a boyfriend siting next to her and he was giving her some direction. She never tried to use any things with me, cos she knew this guy is tough to be manipulated.

Another example. I talked to a woman from Czech republic from other website. She was genuine person but her goal was different. When I talked to her live, she had a son and in the same time someone was in the room, I asked her, who is that person, she told me, he is my brother. From my experiences with people I can say, he was her boyfriend and for sure he was pimp ( by now you understand what they want). It is not easy to explain everything here but remember my words. We use the word "scammers" but believe me they are everywhere in your neighborhood, work place, some friends even your relatives.

Amir, Google picture search engine is only for image search an not name search.😉

R A.

Oct 2, 2020 11:14

Its simple ladies and gentlemen,
A scammer will give you thousands of excuses not to come on video call or just a call.
They will avoid you or unfriend you.

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Oct 25, 2020 12:55

I think scammer are the simple ones to deal with on this platform because they will quickly disappear when you notice them. But how about the ones that are here to have fun or pass time when they get bored.

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Oct 25, 2020 18:46

@deleted user akhi how about if she was genuine and the two were her brothers my muslim brothers and sisters no matter what you incounter please refrain your self from making such a comments

the hadith when abdulahi ibnu mas, ud asked the rasul S. A. W what is the best deeds. the rasul S. A. W answered praying on time followed by people having peace from your tangue. We need to look at what comes out of our tangue.

A Woman of Contrasts

Oct 29, 2020 18:34

Thank you, Mohamed, for this simple trick. I discovered that the guy who was writing me was a scammer with multiple accounts and a long record of scamming all over the world.


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