I have very little hope left for this website

I have very little hope left for this website

Ahmed Hurmiz Created Sep 16, 2020 01:40

I have been on this website for about 4 months read a lot of profiles contacted many people and had a lot people messaging me.
and with every reply, with every whatsapp call i feel more frustrated and lose more hope. it has gotten to point where I thought of abandoning the idea of marriage altogether.
you get a lot of scammers, i think anyone who has been on this website for a day knows this

these scammers are so many that a lot of sisters shut you out just because of where you are from, or how you look since most scammers tend to be from a certain oriental background and if you remotely look like that you are shut out

then there are the passport hunters, who with their disgusting ways have ruined many honest peoples chances since people tend to associate you with them if you have the same country or are from a similar background

and we have the niqabi and hijabi profile type, who say they are honest and strict but when you message there supposed wali they want money, i just wish they get what they deserve.

and by far the type of scammers that get my blood boiled are the ones who put an almost naked profile pic and very indecent clothes in a Muslim website and say "i want a boyfriend", i think that science have yet to reach a point were it could measure how small the content of their brains is.

and finally there are ONLY in usa/uk people, who think that honest men are only found with the right passport, of course i am aware that there are people who can't handle long distance relationships, but finding an honest man outside your country is much better than finding low men in your country

i pray to Allah that i find the right person before i reach the point where i would abandon marriage altogether and to give me patience with the kind of people most of us deal with here.


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Sep 16, 2020 02:56

This is just a wastage of time, no one is serious here except the scammers


Sep 19, 2020 00:54

Don't expect too high in this kind of site, Brother...
But to be honest, I found a lot of good friends from this site....


Sep 19, 2020 04:36

Akhi, you have spoken the undiluted truth very few here are genuinely looking for Marriage and l can't agree more with a very huge stereotype going on this Website, it will shocked you to know the way some people reason here.


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