Are they serious??

Are they serious??

Muhammad sayyam Created Aug 23, 2020 17:40

I went through pleanty profiles whenever i exchange number straight they ask for money to send them for trust is the right way to have relation??.
My experience on this site that most of the scammers are busy to cheat and earn not for sincere relation..


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Aug 24, 2020 10:48

Those are scammers, I exchanged number with some after some chat they never show up and just disappeared, let's be careful girl's over here are fake and most are not serious

Muhammad sayyam

Aug 24, 2020 13:08

Yuhh r right bro i think only scammer run this site


Aug 24, 2020 13:14

Be careful Muhammad...I had same experience too but I know he is scammers. You should be smart to choose one of those women but not all womens are fake and scammers. For aryan...sometimes I never reply messages and dissapeared from men who are not serious and only talk about s*x. I have a big reason to refused them and dissapeared from those people. For me it waste my time and he is not smart and educated person. Most of man on helahel also doing the same thing.

For all ladies please be be careful. If the man respect your honor they will never start conversation with something bad.

Muhammad sayyam

Aug 25, 2020 11:59

Thanks for awareness but most popukar thing scammer always swear of Allah that she iz not scammer but wen i start trustin they ask for money to trust how can we trust on people at this place wen we face scammer a next step..
May Allah protect yuhh too from these type of people


Sep 2, 2020 19:01

That's why for some reason it is better to keep in touch only in this website.
If both of you can build trust to each other, then you can exchange the number... Knowing him/her better by seeing how he/she respond to you. And changing the story to get to know better, and dig a deeper personal matters lightly...then when the time comes, it will be easier to communicate more through some other instant messenger applications.


Sep 2, 2020 23:46

Offline they would be called hookers. Online they would be called scammers.


Sep 11, 2020 07:13

I will advise you not to send money to anyone some ppl are very bad and here to scam ppl,I have met good woman here that we kept good relationship for over a year she knows all about me likewise me she never ask of money I never ask money either what make us apart is when she ask me to come over I don't have enough money to buy Air ticket.

King Maahir

Sep 15, 2020 09:33

Lol.. They wantbthe money to relocate.. Please Don't give it to them


Sep 15, 2020 12:29

My brother, the site is full of scammers and gold diggers, materialistic and those searching for high class society. People act as if they are sincere in looking for partner, many will tell you, I need someone with a good job, someone from Europe, America, Canada, I need someone with a good profession, I need someone with higher education,etc etc. I keep wondering if they are really in need of a partner, married or something else

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Sep 15, 2020 16:10

Salam.. I don't understand why evrybody complains here about one thing or the other if a woman is looking for whatever they are looking for just move on to the next u can't force things and if someone is ignoring u then do the same just talk to people who are sincere and by tha when u meet most of those fakes ul find in one way or the other it wount work because Allah is preventing u from the wrong hands so just trust in Allah ul meet someone maybe somewhere else or here all we have to do is be patient


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