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I pray to Allah subhanna wata illa to increase my Iman and Tawqa and make my actions pleasing to Allah so I can find a compatible mate to enter Jennah with no problems. A woman's heart should be so close to Allah that he has to seek him first to find her. I am looking for that kind of woman who will bring me happiness in this life and the next. A sister who will be a help and aid in my coming closer to Allah subhana wata illa. I'm looking for a strong Muslimah who loves Allah first, and can hold her own conversationally in a relationship . More importantly a woman who is not intimidated by the shaitan of this world today. I believe that honest communication is the building blocks for a
meaningful relationship. . I think it really comes down to having good chemistry and being able to connect on a Spiritual level with someone.


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Jul 11, 2020 02:27

Found something interesting on YouTube https://youtu.be/dJF-U0Y7e_k

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Jul 11, 2020 03:26

Amir, whats it about? I dont like looking things up...


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