What features is this site missing?

What features is this site missing?

Farid Created Jul 7, 2020 15:01

Two features that stand out to me the most are email notifications, and advanced search features.

You don't get an email when someone sends you a message, or when someone comments on your post in the Forum, or really anything else related to your account here. If users were emailed for activity, they might log in more often.

I think advanced search features is obvious. You should be able to narrow down users by more criteria than just age, sect, and location.

What else can you all think of?


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One Love ❤️

Jul 7, 2020 22:19

Real genuine people are missing.. lol

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Jul 8, 2020 00:59

@ one love ....lol


Jul 8, 2020 05:28



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