I am serious

I am serious

Abdelkader guellouza Created Jun 25, 2020 15:54

Hello, I am a serious person. I want to marry and start a family. Is this difficult? Do I ask the impossible? 😂
The girl I write says she is not interested in f**k 😂


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Jun 25, 2020 18:04



Jun 27, 2020 18:03

She totally took what you said out of context.. vile speech isn't a nice trait so you dodged a bullet anyway Alhamdulillah.


Jul 1, 2020 01:55

If all women are sh*t & hypocrites.....what are you doing on dating sites 🤔
scam account??? (Harassing females online??) 😏
Red flags red flags red flags 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩


Jul 1, 2020 01:57

Btw....i still dont know why helahel didnt remove this post yet.
But he romeved mine tho....that had no such word as "f**k", nor violated his rules

🤔 red flags red flags 🚩🚩🚩😏 im a wise person...

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Jul 1, 2020 03:54

Bro @,Abdelkader do you think you will get halal and save your iman so easilly han!
the halal is made very difficult by society and haram is quite easy to acheive .people had mobile in your hand and you go for it ,you had t.v in your house .
every way of doing haram is

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Deleted User

Jul 1, 2020 03:57


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Jul 1, 2020 04:05

remain stead fast in your search for halal


Jul 3, 2020 02:43

Not just woman but man also same its really kinda hard to find a serious one here.. am sorry to say most of them just need to find someone to fulfill their fantasy desires.. am gettin sick of it.. just need to be more assertive

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Jul 3, 2020 04:23

If someone is not interested in having sexual relations, they may just want to be married for safety and protection. To marry someone just to take care of them is a very manly, pious thing to do.


Jul 4, 2020 19:20

@Beauty .... That might look pious but it's not ... Intimate relationship between man and his wife is better then praying nafals.... Because both of them protect themselves from committing Haram.

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Jul 4, 2020 20:48

You just misunderstood. Some people have been sexually abused and may not want to engage in that.. The opening post mentioned that the person didnt want sexual relations, and you never know why that may be the case. They may want to be ina plural marriage etc just so they have saftey in this dangerous world.

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Jul 4, 2020 20:51

Or maybe their libido has died for some medical reason. You never know what people face.

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Jul 4, 2020 20:58

If i saw that a man had so much compassion for humankind that he married a lady to keep them safe, i would think highly of that person as it a beautiful thing to do. Yet, i was just saying a possibility as to why the person didnt want that in their life. Thats all.


Jul 5, 2020 06:07

You have to impress the ladies https://youtu.be/Y9QZ645WFVs

Abdelkader guellouza

Jul 6, 2020 00:02

I want to marry because I want halal. I fear that I will be one of a bad character. I want to have s*x life with only one woman, my future wife will be only

Light of Religion

Jul 6, 2020 08:20

Bro, and do you ask her if she's interested in Marriage and having children. She may have her reason for saying that. In between, keep searching and praying. Allah will do the best for you and everyone.


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