Abrar Qureshi Created Jun 23, 2020 17:30

I don't even know where to start...why don't women put up image's? Im sure we all know the logic behind image's in Islam but if you're going to get married a blank space is enough right? Seriously Allah knows best how good a Muslim one is. In any case everyone tries to put their best foot forward when trying to get married. At their best behaviour.


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Jun 23, 2020 19:04

Salaam, there is a lot of reasons people don't want to upload their pictures here. This website can't protect your picture, so any one can take it and make a profile for you, this is very easy to do here. Would you like that? So this is one reason. For me, looks is not that important I am looking for a good brain a good personality a smart mind and above all of that a conservative one.


Jun 23, 2020 19:09

Here men without pictures!

Abrar Qureshi

Jun 24, 2020 00:42

@amir, walekum Assalam, alright then that's fair enough, im new here. Allahafiz

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Deleted User

Jun 29, 2020 06:45

u can ask for picture from sister after u have wasted your time in detailed introduction .and when u see her u just say 😖 Allah hafiz


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