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Scams | The Internet | Appearance And Reality Are Two First

CeoCeo Created Jun 3, 2020 02:46

Assalamua alaikum Helahel

I would like to preface this posting with an observation from Epictetus from Phrygia/present day Turkey who said.
Epictetus : Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.
Epictetus : Appearances to the mind are of four kinds. Things either are what they appear to be; or they neither are, nor appear to be; or they are, and do not appear to be; or they are not, and yet appear to be. Rightly to aim in all these cases is the wise man's task.

I just found this and thought it is timely topical and appropriate and necessary to keep in mind as we search and seek what we seek insha allah.

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The reason I post this is because I think it's germain to this site and its users, meaning there are many posts that mentions "fake profiles" and "scams.

The intention here is to use his experience to teach others, like he intended and declared in his video both to see how one can be tricked by others and of course how our own permissive actions are an integral part of the outcomes. .

Perhaps we may learn.

Please do forgive the nudity in the splash screen and elsewhere in the video-brothers and sisters please lower your gazes.
( I have received permission from Helahel to post this matter.)

Neither I nor Helahel owns any of.this content. Its posting here is based on Fair Use principles. Copyrights and Licenses belong to respective owners.

May it be well and better for the victim Ameen.
Allah(swt) protect the Muslims from themselves and each other and do not let us be a test for the unbelieving folk. Aameen.
Shukran for your time



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Jun 3, 2020 04:41

Anyone else watching these really wierd quantum mechanics videos? https://youtu.be/0ui9ovrQuKE

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Jun 17, 2020 21:57

I like repetitive music


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