Feeling of love

Feeling of love

faizan hammani Created May 24, 2020 17:50

Assalamu alaikum, how many of you find someone here and felt like he/ is perfect for me?
And after few days talk you feel something like love?
Just because of past experience I scare,


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Deleted User

May 25, 2020 07:32

hmm..there is multi ways to fall in love, whats best for u,or how u fall in love.its up to u.i dont know much of love but i know how to protect own love.im not giving my heart to no one before im sure about person and its better to know person for long before give love,if u give ur love easy u will dissapoint easly too and u find information of person slowly like is she dissapointer whit her way of love..and respect to eachother comes slowly..my purpose and experience of life is this all good comes slowly.

Tc Bro

faizan hammani

May 25, 2020 13:53

Thanks for your beautiful words...


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