Would you pay $1/month to use this site?

Would you pay $1/month to use this site?

Farid Created May 18, 2020 09:41

Would you be willing to pay a few dollars each month to use a site like this? Some sites out there charge exorbitant fees, but what if the membership fee was more reasonable, say like $5, or even $1? There obviously isn't much profit at $1/month (and might even need ads to support sustainable revenue), but at least it could possibly reduce the amount of scammers that sign up. After all, most scammers probably won't sign up for a service that costs money. So, for those who are serious about marriage and want to reduce as much "noise" (scammers/fake profiles) as possible, would you pay a small amount of money to use a site like this?


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Peace Guy

May 18, 2020 19:42

Professional scammers invest in paid sites, it doesn't stop them. "Easy come, easy go." The amature scammers here are easy to spot.

If people would stop complaining so much about scammers, we would have many more sincere people signing up to search for their soulmate.

No, I prefer the "silent" ads. Keep helahel free!


May 19, 2020 02:04

If everyone were to pay to post a profile, then it will be a site of mostly men in the west.

In paid sites, you have to pay to write, not pay only to post a profile so basically they verify men and not women!

Also, I know of no paid site that requires SMS verification. Also mind you that many countries phone sims aren't tied to ID cards.


May 19, 2020 03:07

Peace Guy, I think those people complaining about scammers have a point. I'm not sure I follow the logic of how more sincere people would sign up if others stopped complaining. Perhaps they would sign up while being ignorant of how many fake profiles there are? Then they'd learn the hard way that there aren't many genuine people.

Free is almost always preferred, sure, but it obviously comes with its downsides. Paid sites just seem to have fewer scammers (maybe just the "professional" ones as you mentioned).

Amir, different sites charge in different ways. Some charge to send messages, read messages, etc. Almost none charge to write and post a profile (which is mostly useless if you can't communicate with others). I think there are even some sites that only charge men to sign up (women are free). I'm not sure how good that business model is. And then there are those that charge a flat fee for everything, and you can do anything you want, as much as you want.

I do agree that charging anything would limit how many people sign up. Maybe those not in the West would not sign up. By the way, if you charge to use a site, sms verification likely wouldn't be necessary. It's one or the other.

The most successful social networking sites are free (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), and monetize mostly via ads. But they also have the resources (people) to take down scammers and fake/false info. I'm just trying to figure out if there are any other options. I figured this is a decent space to brainstorm ideas.

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Deleted User

May 19, 2020 17:55

What kind of scammers r u talking about?


May 22, 2020 00:15

If it's just to avoid scammers then I wouldn't pay. I don't care about scammers because I will never send money to anyone and I would certainly never fall in love with a stranger I never met. There can be a thousands and it wouldn't change anything for me.

But I would be willing to pay if the site had people fill out a compulsory form where they clearly state what they want in a partner (age range, race, height, weight, education, level of religion, languages, etc) and also who they are as a person. Something like a 200 words summary would be enough. That form would be available on their profile and it would be easier for everyone. Also if there are filters that allow you to find people with a profile type similar to yours. And I think showing who visits your profile isn't good it should be anonymous.


May 22, 2020 03:22

Insh, that's the idea. When a user registers, you ask them what their preferences are in someone. For example, if they insist on seeing profiles that have photos, then they can set their search results to show only profiles with photos. If location is more important, filter by location, and so on.

This site is free, so there aren't many features. A paid site would allow you to filter with more search conditions and generally have more features. A 200-word summary is a good idea in theory, but people can still just put filler words in there, like "I will fill this out later. I will fill this out later. I will fill this out later", etc. just to meet the character count requirement. Even then, there might be some who will just lie anyway, unfortunately, so it may not always be completely accurate. Seeing who visits your profile can be anonymous by default, but if you're a paying member, you might opt to view that info. These are just some ideas.


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