asSalam aleykum

asSalam aleykum

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The shyness that Islam has instilled in the Muslim woman makes her leave the disgusting and nasty and respect the rights of others properly.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was a standard of modesty for believers.
  Abu Saeed al-Khudri said of him:
☑️ "The Messenger of Allah was more bashful than the girl sitting behind the curtain, and if he saw something that he did not like, we noticed it by his face." (al-Bukhari, 6102; Muslim, 2320)

The Messenger ﷺ mentioned shyness and its virtues in many hadiths.
'Imran ibn Husayn reports that the Messenger of Allah said:
☑️ “Shamefulness leads to nothing but good” (Bukhari; Muslim). And in the version of Muslim it is said: "There is nothing in bashfulness but good."

Abu Huraira reports that the Prophet ﷺ also said:
☑️ “Faith has over seventy branches. The best of them is the words “There is no deity but Allah,” and the smallest is the removal from the road of what prevents people from passing through, and bashfulness is one of the branches of the faith ”(Bukhari; Muslim).

Shyness keeps a Muslim woman from disobeying Allah and any contradictions to Sharia, and she maintains a wonderful relationship with people.
The reason is not that she is ashamed of people, but because she is ashamed of Allah Almighty, and she cannot allow herself to defile her faith, since modesty is one of the branches of faith.

Islam teaches a Muslim woman to be patient and humble and protect her dignity.
  If poverty befalls her, she does not think about asking people. She tries to do on her own and shows patience, hoping for the help of the Almighty. She works, remembering the words of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ:
☑️ “He who leads to temperance, Allah will lead to temperance; one who begins to try to do on his own, Allah will save him from having to turn to others; and to those who show patience, Allah will inspire patience, and no one has yet received the gift better and more generously than patience ”(Bukhari; Muslim).

Al-Zubair reports that the Prophet ﷺ said:
☑️ “Truly, for any of you to take a rope, bring a bundle of firewood on your back and sell it, so Allah will save him from having to ask, it’s better than asking people who can give him something, or they can refuse ". (Bukhari, 1470)

A Muslim woman knows that Almighty Allah gave the poor believers the right to a certain part of the wealth of the rich and the opportunity to receive their due without humiliation, reproaches and insults. However, at the same time, the Almighty encourages the poor and needy to show modesty and work, using this right only if necessary.
Islam declared that the hand that is higher (that is, the one giving) is better than the one that is lower (that is, asking), and believers - both men and women - should, whenever possible, refrain from asking and not replenish the ranks of those humiliatingly asking for alms.


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