Why Helael has more scammers than other Muslim sites?

Why Helael has more scammers than other Muslim sites?

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faizan hammani

May 10, 2020 08:17

Because it's free,


May 11, 2020 08:52

Without scammers, you will see no one here. 😂


May 14, 2020 04:24

Because they don't even do email verification as part of sign up.

Scammers are on all sites, and scams come in many forms. On Ukrainian sites, girls propose to meet at a restaurant they always wanted to go to but can't because of low salaries. There they fill up and its a goodbye. Photos they take during dinner end up in their profile.

It seems that 2005 was the last year to get married.


Jun 21, 2020 08:24

Hi sister. I'm not sure if Helahel is a muslim site.

I'm not sure how many accounts 1 person can make with the same email adress. I think a lot. If so, scammers can make lots of scam accounts to bother people.

I have a stalker who has made lots and lots of scam accounts just to send me THE SAME KIND OF TEXT.
He keeps using THE SAME EXACT words..that's how I know it's the same person.

Ofcourse...he's only a pathetic loser. I don't even read his messages. Btw Helahel blocks them BEFORE I get to open them 😂

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Jun 21, 2020 09:40



Jun 28, 2020 15:35

I am tired of these scammers my sister.. they are everywhere in all sorts or form..and mostly from Nigeria, that's pretty sad

Abrar Qureshi

Jun 28, 2020 17:32

What are other such sites. Any good suggestions?


Jun 28, 2020 19:52

@Abrar Qureshi: I'm not familiar with other sites. But in terms of mobile apps, I would suggest Muzmatch, Minder, Muslimah and BuzzArab. The last one listed is great, even using as an ordinary member i.e. without payment. The first two are okay aswell. No harm in trying them out, they have alot if users ma shaa Allah.

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Deleted User

Jun 29, 2020 05:46

its better to find a muslim man year you that is more near to reality .
acctually this site is made for good intention .but people here are not good .
they dont follow islam ,
they speak lie deliberately ,
they are impressed by westerners
they are materialistic,
they are feminist ,
they want to do any thing which is against islam .
this site cant be used according to islamic way

when u message a one person for marriage its not right for you to messagw and other because .
its not a online chatting or dating site u keep on opening all doors at one time .and play with feeling of people .
more over its haram for a muslim man and a stranger muslim girl to talk because its against islam .the profile should be made by sisters wali who can deal with in coming messages and reply them so things are taken more seriously.
many sisters who dont know are here
who dont know islamic ruling of marriage ,
two observers of marriage ,
virgin girl cant marry without a wali .
A girl/ women cant talk to stranger muslim man alone except a third person is present,i if they talking alone ,then the third person is shaytan

most of females here a( genrtophilics).
want to marry elder man .
they reject proposals of younger man although they are religious and finacially stable .
people made a marriage a joke .
they dont do it to protect them selves from haram ,follow the sunnah,
complete half deen ,
lowering of gaze ,
but they do it to fullfil there worldly desires and for fun that is materialistic.

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Deleted User

Jun 29, 2020 05:52

most people ( mostly women) say dont like pollygamy ,or its a wrong practice
meaning they are rejecting the part of Quran or disliking it without knowing that its a act which is nawaquzul islam( nullifier of islam).
because disliking a part of islam is its aelf a big sin.
they can say i accept polygamy is totally right but i can do it because its not fard moreover i think i cant handle the equaility and justice among wife or its difficult to manage my( jealous) emotions if she is a woman .

Abrar Qureshi

Jun 29, 2020 06:57

@irish. Thank you sister


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