Naya Created Mar 19, 2020 22:13

I just want to advise my sister in islam there is some scammers in this sight they just want your body by the name of islam so don't trust any one and give him what he want before you get your marriage paper than you can make the Islamic marriage and do what alan aloud to i know there is some young new muslims in this sight so don't be fooled by name of chaytan and he will tell you that's wrong and we must be and do what allah said its hallal all that don't do that he will be with you for month ore to than he will leave you without anything and maybe with a baby don't fall in that Allah said fallow me but he said don't be stupid all his ways its to have our best life not to give everything for scammer and i hope all the best for u


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Mar 21, 2020 04:30

It's true & I agree with u but All were not same means five fingers are not equal ..


Mar 21, 2020 07:36

Thank you so much for this Sister. Some go to the extent of asking to chat you outside this platform and when both of you start to get along, then just unfriend and that's it.

Please brothers. Stop toying with sisters hearts and feeling, if you know you don't like the sister kindly let her know than playing round the bush.......

Kazeem Ayo

Mar 22, 2020 18:23

Lateefat 👍


Mar 23, 2020 17:11

There might be some out there. But I am definitely not. Hoping to find the right partner soon

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Mar 23, 2020 19:42

This site is full of scammers and all of them the pretend to be a strong muslim, they code Qur'an like anything and they
think muslims are fool..............but they should know............we are not fools............I get 70% mails from scammers and
I fool them until the last

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Deleted User

Mar 24, 2020 02:04

We appreciate it

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Mar 24, 2020 02:57

Scammers are succubus!!!


Mar 24, 2020 06:55

an eye opener!!

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Deleted User

Mar 28, 2020 03:15

Listen every one is not same they are some stupid people every where don't make people negative they are here for marriage not for datimg if someone agreed for.marriage then it is good

Seyed farzad 🌹

May 8, 2020 01:01

I'm very sorry, but s*x is everywhere and there's no need to come here! There are often women who are looking for s*x ........


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