Why it is better not to send to USA or British woman

Why it is better not to send to USA or British woman

Amr Created Feb 4, 2020 20:51

the answer so simple
because most of them have a Obsession that because i am Arabic man so i want them for visa
i dont know why they insist about that
what if a man wish to go to any country and he looking for a woman before he go
for me as i have import company since long time so to get a vise is easy but why i go to a country while i can find love in other country so i move again as many countries the same for me
why i want to move? good question i want to go out of Egypt that is all


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Feb 10, 2020 12:46


Kazim Hamza Hassan

Feb 10, 2020 21:52

Brother you can not, make such a sweeping statement.As not all women, from the UK.Or from the USA are the same.
Just because some women might be like that.It still does not mean all of them are.

So to tar them all with the same brush.As we say here in the UK is not fair thing to do or say akhi.
Dont get me wrong akhi,i undertand what you are saying its just that it is not right.
Salam alay kum.

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Feb 10, 2020 22:06

Theres a few men that ive encountered that want to find a partner before they go to another country. If you want to go to another country to live, do that first, then find a partner. There is no need at all to have a partner to move out of your country, unless you want to use your partner to get out of your country. And if that's what the person is doing, they should know that it will drastically limit the number of people willing to do that. So, if you want to move out of Egypt, do so being single..then find a partner. Nothing stopping you if thats what you want to do.

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Feb 10, 2020 22:16

The issue is that you veiw not moving before you have a partner is a waste of time and money. Yet, so many other men (and women) move to other countries to LIVE! This planet is for living and enjoying, and to not cherish that, or veiw not being in another part of Allahs planet as a gift enough in its self, and veiw living elsewhere being single is a waste of your time is an indication that your lacking enthusiasm to live as a human. And thats a sad, and people can sense when someone is not cherishing their life, and prefer not to be married to someone like that.

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Feb 10, 2020 22:17

So why not try a different tact....move first..then find a partner! ๐Ÿ™‚


Feb 17, 2020 04:47

@Annabelle i cant live alone for many reasons also many countries the same for me


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