Be aware

Be aware

Lily Created Feb 2, 2020 13:00

Hello everyone.
Many comments about girls are fake. Yes that right. But also most of men are fake too. Their interests playing and have fun without caring about other person that you are talking with. Please to all are here be honest, mature, serious and know exactly why you are here, your purpose.dont waste your time or other time. Let's be educated and aware about what we want.


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Feb 2, 2020 23:09

Men are mostly real but they may be reserved because of too many fake ladies.

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Deleted User

Feb 3, 2020 00:02

Can i ask ..what are people reffering to when they say "fake"? Do people mean that they are scammers? Are those two words meaning the same for the people using these terms?

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Deleted User

Feb 3, 2020 00:05

Im thinking that people may becoming very impatient and intolerant to others. This is sad. Its good to let others spend their time doing and being what they choose to.

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Deleted User

Feb 3, 2020 00:11

What might be a waste of time in your eyes, may not be a waste of time in their eyes. Mercy and compassion.

Pure Heart

Feb 3, 2020 01:09

Salam everyone

This topic actually applies to both gender. There are already other topics helping us to recognize fakes. What is more relevant is to stop pointing fingers to either gender and go with your gut feeling on who you are talking to and whether he or she has all the criteria you are looking for.


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