Hold the individual accountable, NOT the religion

Hold the individual accountable, NOT the religion

OpenHeart Created Jan 21, 2020 02:24

Islam is NOT a person and therefore cannot hate. Islam is a religion and like every religion in the world, it depends on what you bring to it. If you're a violent person, your Islam, your Judaism, your Christianity, your Hinduism is going to be violent.

There are marauding Buddhist monks in Myanmar slaughtering women and children. Does Buddhism promote violence? Of course not! There are Catholic priests who have raped altar boys and young children. Does Catholicism promote rape? Of course not! There are Christians and some of their sect who have been convicted of despicable misconduct, e.g., Tony Alamo, Paul Barnes, Douglas Goodman, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Creflo Dollar, Lonnie Latham, to name a few. They were found guilty of sexual assault, soliciting male/female prostitutes, drugs, homosexual activities, child p**nography, child abuse, sexual abuse, and physical abuse, accounting fraud and thievery. Does Christianity promote all these vile acts? Of course not! And there are Jews, like the other religions, they have their sets of wrongdoing followers/members who have been convicted of massive fraud schemes, theft and embezzlement, espionage, child and s*x abuse, p**nography, the unjust treatment towards Palestinians, etc., etc. Does Judaism promote these atrocious acts? Of course not!

People…violent or peaceful, it depends on their politics, their social world, and the ways that they see their communities. Religions are big and diverse, and people get out of them what they bring into them.

Islam, like all the Abrahamic religions, is more than a thousand years old and in that time has developed a tremendous wealth of traditions, texts, ideas, prominent figures, and institutions past and present. Someone who brings to Islam a disposition for political violence will find justification for it, as well as ideas on how and why to indulge that disposition. But the exact same could be said of anyone who brings to Islam a disposition for peace and tolerance, as most people of any religion do. Islam does NOT make people hateful or make them violent. That might not be an obvious distinction to everyone, but it is a crucial one.

I think it is NOT right to identify Islam with transgression or violence; there are violent Catholics, Christians, and Jews. If one speaks of “Islamic” offences then we must also speak of Catholic, Christian and Judaism misconducts or iniquities. WE SHOULD AND MUST REFUSE TO LINK VIOLENCE WITH RELIGION.

Every religion has its fundamentalist groups. Such fundamentalism, when it is present, can kill with language. There’s this negative mindset on the rise that Islam is to be blamed for violence. Such misplaced ideology can fan more hate, extremism and violence. No matter what group, colour, creed, ethnicity or country a person follows or belongs to, he/she remains an individual and his/her acts cannot be bracketed within religion. Violent, atheist or unjust elements are present everywhere. They have loud voices and will find ways to rationalize their erroneous and often harmful acts just to have a say. Sadly, these are the individuals who feel they are above and better than anyone and feel empowered by being spiteful and having the last word or harming others even though they are aware that their acts are wrong. Nonetheless, religion CANNOT be held accountable for the wrongdoing of some individuals. In the end, Our Maker - Allah has the final word.

Thank you for reading and/or writing a comment. May Allah have mercy and keep us on the right path.


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Jan 21, 2020 02:28

Very true. Beautiful. 😊😊😊


Jan 21, 2020 03:16

This should be obvious. Islam is perfect. Muslims are not. And shame on this who use Islam to promote their twisted ideologies. They will be held accountable. Even the marriage process has been completely screwed up by people who choose to follow culture over religion. Can you imagine how much better our Ummah would be if people actually followed the religion correctly? Allāhu a'lam.


Jan 21, 2020 22:47

you think they will listen


Jan 21, 2020 22:47

Surah Al-Baqarah [2:89-90
And when there came to them a Book from Allah confirming that which was with them - although before they used to pray for victory against those who disbelieved - but [then] when there came to them that which they recognized, they disbelieved in it; so the curse of Allah will be upon the disbelievers.

How wretched is that for which they sold themselves - that they would disbelieve in what Allah has revealed through [their] outrage that Allah would send down His favor upon whom He wills from among His servants. So they returned having [earned] wrath upon wrath. And for the disbelievers is a humiliating punishment.


Pure Heart

Jan 22, 2020 11:43

Salam everyone,
@ Openheart
I love the way you express the difference between lslam n the people who embrace it. Islam is pure and the most completed religion amongst other religion. Moslems who abuse the religion for personal gains should be ashamed and not be respected at all.

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Jan 22, 2020 12:06

If you completely disrespect any person, you are not upholding being a Muslim yourself.


Jan 22, 2020 12:52

OpenHeart -
I think you are promoting violence - your profile pic is an absolute live example!

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Mr Niceness 😎

Jan 22, 2020 16:24


Can you explain in why whites (the western society) commint child rape.. incest and murder of family members ?.. Why do white people enjoy having s*x with there sisters and getting them pregnant.. Is this how much you respect your own women by incest and rape? Is this your western religious teachings... Is this your parental upbringing..















Jan 22, 2020 23:42

I know they won't listen. They know what there are doing. They know they are evil.
Al-Quran talk about then in this aspect too.

May Almighty Allah save us from the act that will lead us to hell fire. Ameen.


Jan 23, 2020 01:37


Enigma -
I'm sorry, your subject has nothing to do with this topic sir.

If there is a topic that you wish to discus, then open up a forum under your preferred topic and I might join you..


Jan 23, 2020 01:40

how do you know hell is made of "fire?


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