Dead after betrayal

Dead after betrayal

akef1 Created Nov 23, 2013 12:14

I have met who was my soul mate ,or i thought once.She was everything to me,I supported her when she had no where to go or shelter to live,or food to feed!I tried my best since three years ago to be her ideal husband for her,I spent much Emotionally and financially and i sacrificed to let her in good life although she was from another country.But after i supported her and decided to settle up my life with her in her own country after she has the good job,good furniture,good flat and luxury car,since I joined her she has changed and abused me after I left my job to live with her because i loved her more than myself and i left my family and my property in my own,to be with her.With no reason she has shown me her real face as she was using me with the name of LOVE! With no reason she was threatened me that she send me back to my country,she was shouting at me and hitting me,on the other hand i had no idea to let her back where we were with her love but all I can say she was using me and didnt support me when i was need her as wife but once i was so sick and laid down on the bed where she was watching the tv in the lounge when I called her to help me she came and stand in front of me shouting at me that how i dare to pretend I m sick when she is involving watch her episode and back to where she was,and left me with my paining!!
The greatest abusing ever when she threw me in my embassy at the Christmas day and the reason we were having breakfast and i said that some of the food need to be cooked well when we were in the restaurant and then she decided to leave her country and i forced to travel because i told her my opinion in the restaurant food!!! the distance between my country and her own is 8 hours by plane!!!
you may be believe but god witness its the truth and i was suffering daily with her.i didnt do anything except i was loving her.She used my traveling to have relationship with native guy and she still my wife!!! she confessed that she had s*x with him during the weekend! she didnt wait to get divorce to do as she wants!!!Im broken and dead already.I need who will replace my sadness to real love,i need who understands the true mean of love with no betrayal or cheating.where she is after i lost the trust?!!!!


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Sep 14, 2021 07:43

Men, hahaha, be careful
Its really sad, may Allah protext us all


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