I will delete my account after 2 days inshaa Allah

I will delete my account after 2 days inshaa Allah

SamirDZ Created Dec 1, 2019 12:19

Since men don't even find a first wife here, looking for a second wife would be absurd.
Anyways, I wish happiness for all the brothers and sisters.
And a final advice to both brothers and sisters, lower your demands, just look for a person whom you like their appearance (not a model) and just care about their deen, don't look at social status, money can cpome as it can go. Have good intentions.
Forget about compliance and such nonsense. If a pperson has good deen and akhlak you will be happyy with that person. Never forget also to pray istikharat. Salam


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Dec 1, 2019 13:38

Some women are only looking to be a second wife so eliminating u from the choices, wouldn’t be wise.

What’s the harm in keeping ur account here, not relying on this site but just checking on it from time to time just in case?


Dec 1, 2019 13:58

From the examples of plural marriages that I've seen, men don't have much when they first marry, but 2nd doesn't come cheap, so they usually have to wait until they are around 40 and have much to offer, and even at that it can hardly be called a plural marriage because 1st is ignored or abandoned for the sake of the 2nd.


Dec 1, 2019 14:32

Best recepie is to have a general merchandise shop and find young divorced women in the neighborhood.

My Algerian wife came from the highest village on the mountain from where you could see entire town of Tazmalt below. When we met, I was 33 and she was 17. She looked like a French girl.

Mr Niceness 😎

Dec 1, 2019 14:40

Bruv, i would keep your account.. even if you pass by time to time and give your views on the forum topics.. Either way Samir, i wish you the best for you and your family.


Dec 1, 2019 14:52

@ Anon
I might keep it then sister. And try not to rely on it.
That idea of not knowing (just in case) kept me using online marriage and dating websites. Everytime I tell myself, maybe I will find a good woman who will accept polygamy and relocating. Even if it is a tiny chance, but it might happen.


Dec 1, 2019 14:55

Personally I don't think online is going to help in this situation. Better yet, open a women's apparel shop, and keep an eye out for young divorced women in the neighborhood.

Only if had gotten my Russian fiancee's visa (3rd beautiful wife), I would be equal to Trump (3rd beautiful wife), even without the billion dollars.


Dec 1, 2019 14:59

@ Amir
You're right brother, but regarding equal treatment, it depends on the character and manners of the man. I personally will never neglect neither wives. Because I am a just man first of all, and second, because I don't want to get punished in the afterlife. I can't endure pain here, let alone many times that in the hereafter.

I don't know all parts of Bejaia, just few places.
I think you can go back to that village and maybe marry one of her relatives or neighbors too. A lot of girls would like to live in the US.
For me it is very hard, since neither kabyls nor Arabs here accept polygamy. Maybe widows and divorcees with kids. And even a lot of them are totally against it.


Dec 1, 2019 15:00

@ Enigma
Jazak Allah kheyr brother. I'll try to do that.


Dec 2, 2019 07:43

Slm try going to a site called revert matrimonials


Dec 4, 2019 19:59

@ ally
I don't intend on signing in any paying sites.
What is the address of that site anyway?


Dec 4, 2019 23:35

I’m thinking g of deleting my helahel account too. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve been single for ages now and never married no kids.


Dec 5, 2019 07:11

To Samir if u cloud check it online on matrimonials


Dec 5, 2019 10:14

@ G
I think the online dating or marriage is almost useless. Even if you find a woman who is good in a million, you will still deal with distance, visas and such, if you have the money to travel in the first place.
Probably you should look in your neighborhood yourself, or ask one of your females relatives, a sisyter, cousin...etc, to look for you.
Before I got married, I have tried online dating for many years, forums, penpal sites...etc, and I have sent thousands of messages, with no result. I have known very few girls who were good, and they were willing to get married from Poland, but I couldn't get a visa to get there.
I ended up marrying from my village, a very kind and family oriented girl.
While I was looking online, I looked in real life too, for so long, and all the girls ask for either high dowries or expect you to be an actor from hollywood (hollys**t) movies with a fancy car and a luxurious house and an angelic physical appearance. Deen and akhlak has never been on their list of requirements.
After I got married, and I started looking for a second wife, the same happened. I found very few who were willing to be in a polygamous marriage, but they were very far away and I can't travel to them, unless one comes to me.


Dec 5, 2019 10:15

@ ally there are so many matrimonial sites. Just write the name of the address here if you know it. I'll appreciate it.


Dec 7, 2019 00:06

I’m so disappointed yet again another person texts back and give me a fake number...🤯


Dec 10, 2019 07:56

The matrimonial site is called revert matrimonials or revert muslim matrimonials


Dec 10, 2019 18:07

@ Ally
I can't find it. Why don't you just copy and paste its website address here?!!


Dec 11, 2019 07:44

Polygamy.com and secondwife.com

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Dec 11, 2019 11:41

Wow, look how many users are into the subject ?
A second or third wife should give her opinion in this site, how a # Muslim/man behaves when he has more than one wife. Hummmmmm I wonder!!!!!
Is it according to the words of ALLAH SWT or according to his true nature ?


Dec 11, 2019 15:53

Bless you brother Ally.

Sister Leenah, a second wife can be happier than the only wife, because the 2nd or 3rd wife, if the husband is just and good, will be at ease, since the house chores will be divided in 2 or 3...etc. And the wives will have more time for themselves for learning, visiting their families, indulging in their hobbies, chatting with their friends, worshipping, reading quran and books....etc


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