USA Fiancee/ Spouse Visa

USA Fiancee/ Spouse Visa

Amir Created Nov 30, 2019 10:05

Is anyone here from the US who has had problem brining in their fiancee or spouse?

In my experience, every other visa is easier to get than fiancee or spouse visa. I brought in a brother and a sister without any issue, but suffered two fiancee visa denials so far, and in both instances "No proof of relationship" was falsified on the papers because girls were verbally given different non-legal reason(s) for visa denial. Since this happened at 2 different consulates over a 7 year gap, this must have been a widespread practice.

One video claims that fiancee visa denial rate is 35% which is even higher than the non-petitioned visit or tourist visa rejection rate !!! One of my fiancees was refused because she had no close family members in the US, which essentially means that although legally "a visa can be refused only upon a ground specifically set out in the law or implementing regulations", in reality, a visa can be refused for any reason.

Mind you that State Department issues 55,000 diversity visas a year, and I come across Iraqi, Syrian and in the past Iranian Bhai refugees all the time, so non-petitioned diversity and refugees are more important than petitioned visas !!!

Take it to court and the prosecouters become defense lawyers and throw out the doctrine of consular non-reviewability defense even in petitioned visa cases, which means that courts have no time to hear visa denial cases.


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Dec 1, 2019 17:31

No signals. Must be alone in the universe !!!


Dec 3, 2019 07:58

Good to hear some insites

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Dec 3, 2019 08:44

can you support muslims from other state/country with finance to get marriage?


Dec 3, 2019 17:55

Yes, of course.


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