Why do Ladies in Europe think all African men are scam?

Why do Ladies in Europe think all African men are scam?

Abdulrasheed Created Nov 27, 2019 06:20

I know some of my African brothers are not trust worthy but it pains me when you see that you are categorised as a scammer from the start without the lady getting to know the real person you are. Some of us living in Africa are doing well in our business or work and don't need to travel to Europe or need what so ever green card. I want to advice the sisters to stop looking down on some of us the African brothers...... I had encounter with one from Asalamu alaikum I sent to her the reply I got when she saw my location was I am a scammer.


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Nov 28, 2019 07:35

Slm good advice

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Nov 28, 2019 13:49

It's the same brother for North Africans. I am from Algeria and in the past when I was looking for a wife from Europe, a lot of them used to think that I am after a visa.
But to be honest I don't blame them. A lot of Algerian ignorant and rude guys used so many European women to get there, then they dumped them. It's morbid.


Nov 28, 2019 23:00

Women receive many message from mans in the day and all say im serious im honest and the most are not for women its be hard to know who is serious and who is not we must understand this


Nov 30, 2019 03:31

I feel you bro, even for me who is literally living in Europe I get that "You must be a scammer" message smh. Not every guy with a bit of melanin or of african origin is looking to get some papers, we are doing just fine.

But then again I get that they must have had some pretty bad experiences to act this way. That doesn't justify their bias tho.


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