Why people ashamed???

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Why people ashamed???

Nomijaral00 Created Nov 25, 2019 12:57

Why do people feel so ashamed of marrying an older woman or marrying an older woman to a younger boy? However, it is not bad in Islamic teachings. Are its effects scientifically harmful? Or doesn't psychology call such a relationship a positive one? I think marriage to an older woman is beneficial for both parties. A wise woman can understand marital life better. Even if the husband is not that mature, a mature woman can handle domestic affairs better. What do you guys say about that?


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Deleted User

Nov 25, 2019 15:45

That's true. I personally wouldn't mind marrying an older woman. But the society is non-islamic. They will accuse you of such and such things. They will say, she bewitched the younger guy, or that the younger guy seek her wealth....etc.
Families interfere in the marriage matters like crazy.
I decided to choose what want and follow my path, even if the entire populace stands against me. Inshaa Allah I will do polygamy and marry a second wife, and inshaa Allah seek to complete my marriage with 4 good and pious wives, disregarding their ages.
The islamic teachings now are as strange to the people as they have been to Kureich, back then, when islam just appeared.

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Deleted User

Nov 25, 2019 15:47

I agree with you marrying a older woman isn't a bad thing ,me I would welcome it but in westernized society it is the norm


Nov 25, 2019 21:51

I know a 34 years old western woman, her boyfriend is 20 years old. She told me that he loves her but here in the west this is not normal cos the boy must be using her and after a while he will search for a new one. In a situation like that, both the woman and the boy are using each other, but they won't admit that to each other.

In Islamic world this is not that bad if both are young and want each other but some people will not like that. When I was in my late 20 I was in love with a woman, older then me. I never had the chance to marry her, I still can't find a woman like her, I don't mean I am looking for a copy of her, I mean nowadays women are not like 30 or 20 years ago, years after years they lost their compass, for example, a woman with Hijab, it does not automatically mean, she is a good muslima. Now you see a woman with a Hijab with a ton of make up, is this a real Islamic? It's a big shift in the norms and values.


Nov 29, 2019 15:53

I think women are more mentally mature than men of the same age. I'm 54, but when I talk to a pretty and young girl, I cheer up and feel like we can talk forever, but when I talk to a woman even 39, conversation is as professional and brief as possible.

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One Love ❤️

Nov 29, 2019 16:28

I'm the same bruv.. lol


Nov 29, 2019 16:41

A young girl will laugh at your jokes whereas the older she is the more the number of times she's heard that joke before. An older woman's attitude be, I've heard, or worse, I've seen better !!!


Nov 29, 2019 23:41

A scientific study said that the difference ideal between husband and wife is 3 to 5 years And be normal between 6 to 9 years from 10 years and more it be bad cause Each of them be from a different era and this cause intellectual divergence and lack of understanding and In general, women tend to be with man older than her

Pure Heart

Dec 1, 2019 00:27

Salam everyone
Being matured mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically makes any individual more careful and wiser to the possible opportunists or genuine individuals. It doesn’t matter if it’s a matured man or woman, but the more important question is are you compatible to each other in personality, beliefs, and principals. Social conditioning and cultural influences would result in differences in opinions and feelings but if both individuals are able to adapt and overcome the challenges, the relationship can become stronger and evolve faster.
And that is the difference between matured expectation and immatured expectation.


Dec 3, 2019 07:51

Nothing wrong but its the sociaty which is a problem

Pure Heart

Dec 3, 2019 13:59

Salam Ally,

Perhaps thats true because when the norm has changed? There will be resistance but if the change is acceptable in the long run, then the culture has evolved with a more open acceptance.

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Deleted User

Dec 7, 2019 08:09


Personally I will feel insecure if my husband is 5+ years younger than me.

In my mind there's this question: "What if he finds someone younger than me" 😂


Dec 8, 2019 13:06

I def agree pure heart. It’s not the age but the maturity comparability AllAh puts love in ppl hearts. Believe it or not more and more
Younger men are marrying older women. Society will accept and in time get use to it after all society will soon learn and adapt. If they can adapt to gays to illicit s*x. Having babies not married. Interracial marriages. They will and can adapt to older marrying and visa versus if they don’t adapt them later for them I don’t mind speaking with a younger man but don’t come up at me with your u def words snd intention trying g to get a green card

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Deleted User

Dec 8, 2019 14:42

@ bonjour
Then let him do polygamy, he will still love you nonetheless.


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