Where is my hurun Ain 🌼

Where is my hurun Ain 🌼

Syauqi Created Nov 19, 2019 01:56

Asalaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

This post is intended to catch the eyes of huurun Ain or in english apple of my eyes🍎

Hello 🌹

I am looking for one and only wife. I will be happy with that one and only , my first and last. If you choose me, you will get :

1. One hard working guy
2. One fast learner guy

Yes only that.

I never had a gf before. I may not know how to treat a lady, except how I see my father treat my mother. My father works hard to earn. And my mother works hard to take care of us. But, that doesnt mean I will want my wife to be stay at home mother. My father work hard to earn, and my mother is the money keeper. Surprisingly, we always have surplus and lead a good life although not luxury.

I am a typical Malaysian guy, minus the smoking, vaping ( e-cigarette) , action motorcycle stunt ( rempit ). Oh I played some game on my mobile phone sometime. Not PUBG or ML. They took too much data to operate. I only play some town-building type of game. Game only some things that i play sometimes. I am not addicted to it. So ladies, please do not worry.

I am close to my family. But do not worry, I will not want to live in my parent house or the wife parent house. We have one small one bedroom studio apartment. Its not ideal, but, thats what i am able to do for now.

Thank you for reading..


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Melur Jelita

Nov 19, 2019 02:00

Asalamualaikum. Betul ke ni.. susah nak cari owg x smoking... 😏


Nov 19, 2019 02:02

Waalaikumsalam... kalau nak kepastian boleh jumpa... saya ajak mak ayah saya...

Melur Jelita

Nov 19, 2019 02:04

Ntah2 sca.... gmbr btl ke tu...


Nov 19, 2019 02:06

Tak.. gmbr google ja.. saya org melayu muka melayu.. saya ingat kalau letak gambar ni banyaklah mesej. Tapi tak ada pun.

Maaf tanya.. Awak tu.. gmbr sendiri ke.?


Nov 19, 2019 02:06

Saya bukan scammer.

Melur Jelita

Nov 19, 2019 02:08

Jgnla marah .


Nov 19, 2019 02:10

Awak. Saya pm eh... reply tau.


Nov 19, 2019 17:41

Asalaamu Alikum, huurun Ain or in English apple of my eyes, is wrong translation or understanding. Hoor (fair females) the literal translation for al-Ayn means The eye. Both word together it supposed to mean Big round beautiful eye, due to the fact that is how their appearance will be. I am opened to any corrections.


Nov 19, 2019 17:42

If you want to get someone, to need to be yourself and show you care inn sha Allah


Nov 19, 2019 17:44

The description of al-hoor al-‘iyn is mentioned in more than one place in the Book of Allaah, such as the following:

1 – Allaah says, describing the reward of the people of Paradise (interpretation of the meaning):

“And (there will be) Hoor (fair females) with wide lovely eyes (as wives for Al-Muttaqoon – the pious).

23. Like unto preserved pearls”

[al-Waaqi’ah 56:22, 23]

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Nov 19, 2019 18:28

Wait until you get to paradise if you’re 🍀 lucky.


Nov 19, 2019 20:26

May Allah subhanahu wa taal grant you a fair lady, but hoor Al ayn are preserved for the afterlife.


Nov 19, 2019 20:27

In this life you will only find women who have small eyes, wrinkles, who fart and shout and sweat and drive you crazy.

Mr Niceness 😎

Nov 19, 2019 21:27



Nov 19, 2019 21:41

Brother SamirDZ and Sister Leenah, you are correct we need to work very hard to get rewarded in the hereafter for Jannah where we will find the Hoor alAyn, the way to that is trying to be the best of Muslim. May Allah only take us from Dunya if he is pleased with us.


Nov 19, 2019 22:05

Wife is a partner in my external life,
Her heart is without a chart,
Her love is soft like a dove,
Her smile is worthwhile.
(Myself 13-11-2019)


Nov 19, 2019 23:15


Wife is not a knife but a pillar.
To make the other half fuller.
Her heart is without a chart.
Her love is affectionate like an obstinate.
Her smile is like a gem shine.
(Myself 19-11-2019)


Nov 20, 2019 04:10

Waalaikumsalam Jowj, thank you for pointing out of my understanding, I supposed, what I understand of huurun ain is someone who will be the coolness of our heart and makes our heart feel at ease.. I never thought it is actualy literally means to say a physical characteristic of the women of paradise..


Nov 20, 2019 04:11

Leenah, thank you for the best wishes,. Yes may be 8f not finding one in here, than just have to have patience and wait in paradise⚘


Nov 20, 2019 04:15

SazmiDz, yes, like brother Jowj says hurun ayn only for afterlife,. I have misconception here.. But I want to ask you, have you found any ladies who want to talk to you.? If no, I think, perhaps maybe you need to change your tone a little bit and not sounding too bitter😉

#MannersMatter 😁


Nov 20, 2019 04:16

Enigma , yeah LOL


Nov 20, 2019 06:49

Subhan Allah, I have sisters who want to talk. However, I would like to know someone before I start to talk to them to see if that person is inn sha Allah the right one. May Allah give us all the right spouse..


Nov 20, 2019 09:45

Brother Jowj,. I was asking to brother SamirDz .. if he have someone to talk to.. because he was being bitter about the sisters... for me., it is like a disrespect remark what he said and describe about the sisters..

I did not meant to say it for you.. masyaAllah brother you have a great and kind personality,. Iencourage ladies to join your family if you are always this kind.. i am sure you will treat lafies with kindness..


Nov 20, 2019 11:08

Jizak Allah Khair (Thank you brother) Syauqi for your kind words, sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought I would encourage brothers, except for one person everyone seems genuine.


Nov 20, 2019 19:23

I'm really sorry brother, but it is th bitter truth. Maybe just 1 out of 1000 is a good muslima who adheres and practises the teachings of islam. They just care about how much you earn, and even if you stay up all night and work 24/7 for them, they'll at the end tell you that you didn't do a thing for them.

I don't have any sisters here with whom I speak. I spoke with an Indonesian who accepts to be a second wife, but she is working in the middle East, and she has to provide for her family. So, I advised her to remain there, because even if she works in Algeria, she can't save anything, since the salaries here are less than 150 euros a month, and some jobs even less than that.
A second girl is from the UK, she says she is Irish and lives alone, and willing to accept polygamy even though she is 19. Her English is so horrible, so I think she is a fake.


Nov 20, 2019 19:24



Nov 20, 2019 19:25

@ May Allah subhanahu wa taala make us leave this life as good believers, and join us with our beloved prophet peace be upon him in the top of the heaven.


Nov 21, 2019 08:27

Brother SamirDz, may I ask, what is the purpose of you finding a second wife if 150 euro is too much to give..? More over, if the lady is from outside your country is not that just fair if you provide something decent for her.?


Nov 21, 2019 15:12

@ Syauqi
You may brother.
Well, 150 euros here is enough to spend on one family, and even on two, if they live in the same house. Nothing luxurious of course. But most of the neccessities and extra things you can have them here. But if you change the Algerian Dinars to euros, then you get a tiny sum which can't do you anything abroad.

If the woman is from a foerign country, she will relocate and live with me here in Algeria. So, I will manage just fine.
Besides, polygamy is a cause of richness and wellbeing as stated in the Quran, for Allah subhanahu wa taal is the provider and the sustainer.


Nov 22, 2019 06:39

Brother SamirDz,.

A family is a amanah, its a , responsibility... Allah do not just give without we do any effort.. i feel,.. it is not fair if two wives living under same roof.. even in islam it is recommended to separate two women into two house... they want to have their own kitchen... Yes Allah is sustainer and provider.. but that doesnt mean we as servant can take more responsibility than what we can handle...

The responsibikity not just for the women who become wives. But the children...


Nov 22, 2019 06:41

Be careful do not bite too big that you can not chew.. you may be died of choking that chunk of meat.


Nov 22, 2019 11:25

@ Syauqi
The prophet peace be upon him had rooms for his wives, not houses. Hujra means room.
Having a separate house will consume unneccessary money and time, you take a lot of time to go from a house to another to visit the wives, and you worry about them because the one you aren't with is alone.....etc.
But if they live all in the same house, everything is cozy and secure, and you can gather with them all the time and gain time, and they get to become familiar with one another and become dear friends or even like sisters. The propaganda that the media spreads where cowives fight and such are jjust lies.

You can handle myy dear brother 4 wives, and that's why Allah the All-Knowing allowed having 4 wives. He Most Exalted be He, never expose people to more than what they can handle.
If there was an islamic nation like in the times of Khalaf, we even could have harem, and still we can manage just fine. You could have had 4 wives plus 10 harems.


Nov 22, 2019 14:43

upto 14 wives according to some scholars, and after the ayah was reveal upto 4, did not take any more wives.


Nov 25, 2019 17:03

i have found there is alot of corruprt men on this site, !! most of of whom hide behinde a picture of a plane!! and others who talk of filthy laguage and when you dont responde to them they say all sorts i have spoke to admin about them to be investigated!!

Mr Niceness 😎

Nov 25, 2019 19:23

The women on this site aren't angels either..


Nov 25, 2019 19:50

laura2000: that is very good and brave of you, keep it up sister


Nov 25, 2019 21:53

Eleven Grand Rules of Existence
1. Remember your maker.
2. Honour your parents.
3. Keep ties with your kinship.
4. Make harmony with your past, so it does not influence the present.
5. What others believe about you is none of your concern.
6. Time cures almost everything, give it time.
7. Don’t associate your life to others and don’t judge them. You have no conception what their journey is entirely about.
8. It’s alright not to know all the answers. They will appear to you when you least expect it.
9. Thou are in charge of your happiness.
10. You don’t own all the struggle in the world.
11. If you cannot tolerate the past or future because they do not exist. What you are grieving are your memory and your imagination.
(Jowj 21-11-2019)

Let me know if anyone agrees or disagree


Nov 27, 2019 13:40

Dear Irish Laura2000, please learn English. Isn't English supposed to be your mothertongue!!!!!


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