Profile and character contradiction

Profile and character contradiction

Jowj Created Nov 17, 2019 19:18

Asalaamu alikum, I have had soo many messages. Most of their profile contradicts what a practising Muslim person values should be.

It should be similar to these.

a) Must fear Allah of any major sins.
b) Practise all the obligatory (fardh) in deen.
c) Not to say I am practising yet they deny what Allah has made halal.

Marriage is a religious ceremony, and the etiquettes should be the same both sides.

I am not a professional. However, I am a psychologist. I will inn sha Allah do my best to answer any questions.


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Mr Niceness 😎

Nov 17, 2019 20:37

When you read on a profile that must fear allah and must pray then that simply means that its a fake profile.
There is an English word for a female dog which i cant use here and thats what majority of the sisters are on this site.. but then again that would be an insult to dog as dogs are faithful and always obey there master. These sisters are fake and i wouldn't even spit on there grave.


Nov 18, 2019 15:12

The some religius ones but I think to them is only the 5pillers of deen and then holiday but what the hadith how to live a decent good life


Nov 18, 2019 22:11

Brother, Engima looks like you have encountered some bad situation with some sisters, May Allah forgives those sisters and guides them and fand may Allah forgive us all, and May Allah make it easy upon you to find the right bride.

Brother Ally looks like you are a realistic type of person who makes excuses when something terrible happens, which is an excellent way of thinking (character) towards life.

Real Bond with thee wife reveals itself when forged in the fire of great hardship (Jowj 18-11-2019)


Nov 20, 2019 16:45

Never hurt your mother or Father for your Wife, Girlfriend or other.
You will not like it when you get hurt, as you will feel like dirt.
Mother protects you, not just out of respect.
The mother moves the mountain for you, not because of the cash you are counting.
You cannot compare the agony or the reality of catastrophe or the embracing calamity.
Father is either less.
(M Saeed 20-11-2019)

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Deleted User

Nov 20, 2019 17:42

Asalamu alaikum .Am agreeing on a profile and character contradictions , I don't dispute there are some women out there just like the other brother called them names which I don't even wanna repeat , but there are plenty of men on this site who called themselves Muslims on their profiles but act completely different .These men act promiscuos on the site Allahu akbarr ,thinking that every woman here on the site is some cheap s**t .Can you imagine most of them after giving them ur private contact or their contacts ,all they wanna talk about the first time is s*x and would even have the gut of asking for a photo of your boobs or private part with so many vulgarisms and the last one that even blew me was, these are men who dress just like the Sunni says some even with beards but all they wanna talk about is s*x just to satisfy their sexual egos .Alahu akbarr haram and knowing fully well that we are not halal to each other yet .So people like these are nothing but playing with the deen , I think they should be banned from the site .Asalamu alaikum

Mr Niceness 😎

Nov 20, 2019 18:46

Majority of the sisters on this site are bogus and for the men who ask pics of boobs and the private part, well I want you to know that sisters are no different either as i have had a conversation with a hijabi muslim sister who i was talking to on a video call asked me to show her my private part. Now i have NEVER had online s*x and dont plan to either but she wanted it.. I actually disapointed her by saying no and giving her a lecture on islam and telling her its a sin. She actually tried to justify her actions by saying that she felt horny and thats why she wanted to see my private part. Women on this site are no saints but messed up in the head. Just because a woman wears a hijab doesn't mean she wont ask for online s*x or naked pics.. There is good and bad in all..


Nov 20, 2019 19:13

Wa Alikum Salaam brother K.sallah, I have just sham, I cannot add anything else you say with utter disgust as you are right. They forget they also have a sister or a mother.

Mr Niceness 😎

Nov 20, 2019 19:52

K. sallah is a sister.. not a brother..


Nov 20, 2019 20:10

Sorry sister K.SALLAH for the mistake. I see you are from Gambia. I made a new friend brother from Gambia and presently in Dhaka, Bangladesh studying.

Thank you brother ENIGMA for the correction.

Wife is not a knife but a pillar.
To make the other half fuller.
Her heart is without a chart.
Her love is affectionate like an obstinate.
Her smile is like a gem shine.
(Jowj 19-11-2019)


Nov 24, 2019 18:24

Has anyone been scammed?


Nov 25, 2019 23:22

Eleven Grand Rules of Existence
1. Remember your maker.
2. Honour your parents.
3. Keep ties with your kinship.
4. Make harmony with your past, so it does not influence the present.
5. What others believe about you is none of your concern.
6. Time cures almost everything, give it time.
7. Don’t associate your life to others and don’t judge them. You have no conception what their journey is entirely about.
8. It’s alright not to know all the answers. They will appear to you when you least expect it.
9. Thou are in charge of your happiness.
10. You don’t own all the struggle in the world.
11. If you cannot tolerate the past or future because they do not exist. What you are grieving are your memory and your imagination.
(Jowj 21-11-2019)

Let me know if anyone agrees or disagree


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