Career or stay home wife ?

Career or stay home wife ?

Kartika Created Nov 10, 2019 07:13

The article that I read recently said that both married couple who is working tend to be happier than only one side who earn money. Because, they can be equal to fulfill the responsibilities including financially. Meanwhile, it's contradict to woman in Islam. Let's see surah Al-Ahzab ayah 59.
"O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful"

So, let me know your thoughts about what is suitable for women.


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Nov 10, 2019 13:05

U are muslim and u belive that Mohamed is the prophète of Allah that mean all what prophète said is from allah and allah created the humain so he is know allthing about them whats right and wrong ... This type of Debate is a lacking of respect for allah because you have made the word of humain like the word of allah, allah know all thing but humain no


Nov 10, 2019 20:41

The verse states clearly that women must cover their faces so that they are not known when seen. Because the awra, or the private part that a man look at most in a woman is the face.
Also, they are ordered to stay at home and not go outside, unless it is neccessary, and if they go out, they must be covered totally including the face, with loose clothes, with the same color, and not perfumed, and they must not mingle with men.

The work of women was pushed by the freemasons and the secret societies, to corrupt all societies. Because when the woman works, she will neccessarily mix with men, and take off her clothes, put makeup, perfumes...etc, talk with them, laugh, hang out....etc, and all these are zina / fornication. Also, women will take the jobs of men, so men will remain unemployed, and they can't get married and can't spend on their parents and their families and themselves..... Women won't want to marry anymore, because they have become independent, as they think since they have been fooled. Which leads to women becoming able to live alone and have their own houses......etc = debauchery spreads, since the father of the girl won't have any power of her...... Less birth rates, more fatherless children, depopulation,.... = the end of society as we know it


Nov 11, 2019 01:38

Thank you for participating in this forum. Unfortunately, this forum is not going to representative in real life, somehow it is interesting about our society these days that I'd like to discuss in this forum. Many of women out there willing to take care of her children at home, unfortunately if the case that husband suddenly disappeared (leave the responsibilities) or death, women should participate to support her family financially. Working women is not wrong unless it's urgent. As survey in Indonesia, both marriage couple who works tend to have less stress especially from man side, the responsibilities can be manage together.

Women must have education, not because she's prepared to be career women, it's for her goodness, by the time her husband or she is abandoned, she has capacity to support herself financially. In Indonesia, uneducated women tend to choose to sell their body for money. Especially, women from village. Islam didn't forbid women to work as long it's halal, I am trying to open people mind that women also have rights to have education, aimed for her goodness. Avoiding herself from prostitution, also there's beneficial from educated women, she can pass the value to her kids and deducting stress from husband. everything should be seen case by case.


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Nov 11, 2019 13:12

It's ok with me, whatever she chooses, as long as it's islamically halal. Like work from home or similar, like specialist female doctor.


Nov 12, 2019 21:27

In the US, most married women work because they have because it's hard to meet household expenses on single income, but financial circumstances allowing, many married women choose to stay at home. They still have a car to take kids to school or library and grocery shopping, etc.


Nov 20, 2019 09:54


Khadija radiyaAllahu anha can be considered today as a CEO.

She was a businesswoman who hired our beloved Prophet sallaAllahu alayhi wa sallam as her merchant.


Nov 20, 2019 13:53

Women should be allowed to work in other to assist the family in their own ways. an I idle mind is the devils workshop

Mr Niceness 😎

Nov 20, 2019 17:44

I just visited your profile because your comment (an idle mind is the devils workshop) cracked me up lol..
So your a working sister so i guess you dont communicate with men at your workplace as you fear the almighty? and definitely must work in an environment where there is no men?
Have you read brother SamirDZ's post on this topic.. whats your views on that as he is 100% right in my opinion..

Mr Niceness 😎

Nov 20, 2019 17:49

I personally have no issues with a woman working, my mother has worked BUT from home.. Sewing clothes is very common and my mother made dresses for Indian and Muslim women when she was young..
A woman can be independent from home..


Nov 20, 2019 17:59

Most answers in life are not so clear cut. Nothing can be all good, or there's nothing to decide.


Nov 21, 2019 01:15


I agree, women should learn how to be independent. Alhamdulillah I have parents who instilled this value to us.

Here in Australia, it's very common for "Muslim" men to abandon their family and women left with kids and bills to pay.

Most of the time it's the inability of men to provide enough for their family that's why women are forced to work.


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