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Need to talk

Samer Created Nov 8, 2019 17:08

O have written toomkuch, do not waste your time unless you are free

I have nearly no experience talking to a woman because of being too shy to talk to hijab women that I strongly respect so I don't want to be disrespectful in a state that has very few Muslim women that fear Allah, or at least wear hijab correctly and younger than me. The parents are very strange in that they trust no one, family or Sheikh in this country, especially New Zealand.

I feel very sad for the good Muslim boys in Australasian countries, as most of them face a similar challenge

My one is not money education nor religion
People know me, it's crazy but I'm too shy to ask. I have fear of rejection.

And how can I not be rejected if in our time women must at least love you to accept despite all the extravagant materialism requirements

The other non Muslim women are too different to Islam so I avoid them as they don't have religion, despite them being either atheist (30%) or Christian (3 holy spirit idea)///is. Not believing in single good in his oness and one in his singleness. سبحانه و تعالى

Am not setting in a friendly place for a guy that needs to be married

Need to know how to talk to someone that can TELL me my shortcomings and give me pointers

Does anyone know what to say if you know a girl but she doesn't love you because she doesn't know anything about you


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Nov 8, 2019 18:57

I do understand ur pain.
I was extremely shy in a few years back.
Being very shy n come to culture crossing is hard shy people.
I was not looking straight to eyes men which I got complained that I disrespected coz I didn’t look.
I had hard to eat lunch at high school just because could not sit btw 100 students n eat.
But to leave easier in place where u seems so different but we have face it to life my live. But doesn’t need to change.


Nov 9, 2019 04:37

@Samer Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. It's good that you have hayya, this is a power as muslim to avoid swords of syaitan, that leading you to maksiat. You may go to your community and try to find help from the imam or else, finding you a good spouse,. reference of good people bring good results.

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Nov 9, 2019 12:19

How do we delete our comments from Forum. Or at least edit them...


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