Love at first sight ?

Love at first sight ?

Kartika Created Nov 6, 2019 15:28

Do you believe love at first sight ?. Many people think that they got love at first sight. The question , is it real to have love at first sight or it's just only admiration or it's a crush. Tell me, what do you think about love at first sight ? And how you experience it?.


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Peace Guy

Nov 6, 2019 17:18

"Love at first sight" is only possible in person because it is an interaction between two soulmates. It's an unexplainable sence of completion that makes both people drawn to one another instantly, and forever. It's very rare, but I know at least one happily married couple whom experienced this unusual gift from Allah.

As for a website, where a picture and a few useless words are posted, "love at first sight" is impossible. It will only be a lust for a picture or a fantasy in the mind of an immature person who has no experience with the opposite gender.

To pursue such an unrealistic expectation is to remain single until it is too late. Stop dreaming and find someone who is generally acceptable to you and your waliyy.

May Allah bless us all with the spouses that have been made for us - Ameen.


Nov 6, 2019 21:36

This reminds me of a western man who fell in love with photo of a Ukrainian girl, and travelled with a dating tour group to meet her. They usually arrange meetings at some disco with interpreters for translations. He returned and complained that tour was a sham because the photo of the girl he fell in love with wasn't there. He made such a fuss that tour operators had to do a research, found that woman and had her write to him, but despite all the assurances he insisted that it wasn't the girl, when she was in fact the girl in the photo.


Nov 6, 2019 21:59

Indeed, love at first sight is only an admiration of someone about their appearance. I have read article from Algeria, that a woman marry a man who she date for awhile, she looks pretty by make up, the silly thing that the man never saw her without make up. After the wedding party, when she remove the make up. Her husband shocked because she's completely like different person. Until he divorce her then sue her for some amount of money because of deceiving case.


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Nov 7, 2019 03:32


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Nov 7, 2019 03:32



Nov 7, 2019 11:26

It happens when the both parties prefermains is met from the outer body of each other and it kiks off and they genuenly what to get married but its rare


Nov 7, 2019 13:40

Hehe.. there was a Chinese guy who sued his ex-wife for not telling him of the cosmetic procedures she had had after having some children with her with teeth and other facial defects !!!


Nov 7, 2019 19:29


Peace Guy

Nov 7, 2019 19:45

What I want to know is: Has there ever been a "love at first WRITE"? A profile without any pictures, or a woman who doesn't wear makeup, but he fell in love with her messages!

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Deleted User

Nov 7, 2019 20:09

If u mean this era...I couldn’t say. But in the olden days (our golden days) when dial up was a thing and they had no webcams...yes, definitely. The days of IRC, ICQ and when MSN was the coolest thing ever. People I know fell in love this way. Lasted a good 15 years too.


Nov 8, 2019 02:25

@ Peace Guy - I don't know about "Love at first write" but the Russian fiancee I had in 2003-2005 wrote to me in her 2nd message that she was looking for a husband and she didn't want to waste time with anyone who wasn't looking for marriage. She was 24, 172 cm, 54 kg, blonde/blue and a medical student. How could I not want marriage?

Peace Guy

Nov 8, 2019 05:35

@ Amir -
Okay, she looked good on paper, but did this "love at 2nd write" result in a marriage? If so, was this one of your 3 wives that resulted in divorce? (If this is too personal for the forum, I apologize. Perhaps a private message would be more appropriate.)


Nov 8, 2019 08:03

Love at first READ, well I love Rumi he wrote so many poetry and I am in love with his work. Btw, we can exchange our mind here rather than expecting too much about finding someone here. Even though I used to have paid membership in online matrimonial site, there's no benefits at all. It's hard to find serious one.


Nov 8, 2019 11:06

She never got the fiancee visa, and after her either the world had changed or I had turned 40 or both.


Nov 8, 2019 12:24

Even a decade ago in Ukraine, for the first meeting, the ladies invited to sit on a bench on city center and talk.

Now, they invite you to an expensive restaurant in city center, and after the meal, it's a goodbye for good !!!

I'm never shy to write I'm 54. How unlucky I'd be if I were 24.

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Nov 8, 2019 16:32


The book says love is put into relationship after marriage

You try to find it before that,,,

Oh oh
It won't work you, can't find it
You can't get there if you don't apply first independent variable

Eg. Can I pray before wuthu? Answer: No, well I can but it's not acceptable nor do I feel like I did anything other than moves and infact that was probably a sin given that you should pray Salah only when you have wuthu

Therefore please understand that
You simply can't call something love with another woman spouse before marriage, unless they're you have engagement or similar...

Thank you for reading


Nov 8, 2019 20:40

The first sight can not be love it make u like someone and this like make u want to know him and when u know him ( personnality ...) That can make u fall in love with him for this the first sight can be the cause of love not = love


Nov 8, 2019 21:27

A fiancee visa denial song https://youtu.be/A1Rwv4iAqIQ


Nov 9, 2019 03:49

@samer love is dedication.. there's some level of love from what I learned in Psychology. First step, er***ca love, this step you admiring what you see from the person then you think about get in touch physically. Second step, friendship love, this step when you feel comfortable to one another, you already see your spouse as normal and quiet boring, oftenly you will think that no love anymore because there's no sparkle anymore. The last love, after you reach 50 years of marriage life and still together, you have past the storm and tsunami together and still in marriage. Agape love, this love is unconditionally, we knew that human will never love unconditionally, this love just like Allah love the servants.


Nov 9, 2019 04:16

@Amir I appreciate your contribution in this forum. Sorry if I offended you but you must realized if you are Muslim and still thinking to go back to the past of still can't let it go what had passed. You just forgotten that we believe that is Qadha and Qadar (the 6th pillar or Iman) . Someday when you face Allah on the day of judgement, no one can help you even the Russian girl you adore for your entire of your life. There's no way to get back to dunya/world.

About Qada and Qadar⬇️


Nov 9, 2019 04:20

Suddenly I remember about the story about Laila and Majnun. It is so sad story.

‘I pass by these walls, the walls of Layla
And kiss this wall and that wall.
It’s not love of the houses that has taken my heart
but of the One who dwells in those houses.’

Qays ibn al-Mulawwah


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