Strange things going on here: Possible malicious mirror site paralleling Helahel.

Strange things going on here: Possible malicious mirror site paralleling Helahel.

Peace Guy Created Nov 6, 2019 06:07

I wrote to a member in a certain country, received a reply and responded as normal. Then I did a search and was sending a message to another member in that same country. I lost my data connection and had to restart my browser. I logged back into the site and went to look for the profile that I was trying to message (it was previously on the first page of the search) but IT WASN'T THERE!

My first thought was that it had just been deleted. So I did a search in that country and found it there (so it wasn't deleted). I retyped and sent the message successfully, and hit the back button (twice) which returned me to the country search. I scrolled through all the profiles of every member in that country, but the original member in that country (who I had messaged and received a reply) WASN'T THERE!

Feeling like I'm in the Bermuda triangle, I went to my sent messages folder and found all the messages there. However, there are other weird things happening on this site.

I have corresponded with several members over the past 4 years. We would be in the middle of a very positive and active conversation, and without a negative word or any indication of uncertainty in the potential relationship, they NEVER LOG IN AGAIN!

Is there anyone else who has experienced similar phenomena?

Is there a logical explanation of these strange encounters?

Is there a mirror site paralleling Helahel?


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Nov 7, 2019 11:58

The weired thing which I know is that when I get someone mailing me mostly women and then I reply them something like thanks for the mail if u want to knw me then u can mail me and it ends there meaning u don't get a reply


Nov 7, 2019 12:49

Brother, I am not sure how websites work. But maybe, there are just bots who reply, not even real people. So, it might be a fake website with bots.


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