Strange things going on here: Possible malicious mirror site paralleling Helahel.

Strange things going on here: Possible malicious mirror site paralleling Helahel.

Peace Guy Created Nov 6, 2019 06:07

I wrote to a member in a certain country, received a reply and responded as normal. Then I did a search and was sending a message to another member in that same country. I lost my data connection and had to restart my browser. I logged back into the site and went to look for the profile that I was trying to message (it was previously on the first page of the search) but IT WASN'T THERE!

My first thought was that it had just been deleted. So I did a search in that country and found it there (so it wasn't deleted). I retyped and sent the message successfully, and hit the back button (twice) which returned me to the country search. I scrolled through all the profiles of every member in that country, but the original member in that country (who I had messaged and received a reply) WASN'T THERE!

Feeling like I'm in the Bermuda triangle, I went to my sent messages folder and found all the messages there. However, there are other weird things happening on this site.

I have corresponded with several members over the past 4 years. We would be in the middle of a very positive and active conversation, and without a negative word or any indication of uncertainty in the potential relationship, they NEVER LOG IN AGAIN!

Is there anyone else who has experienced similar phenomena?

Is there a logical explanation of these strange encounters?

Is there a mirror site paralleling Helahel?


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Nov 7, 2019 11:58

The weired thing which I know is that when I get someone mailing me mostly women and then I reply them something like thanks for the mail if u want to knw me then u can mail me and it ends there meaning u don't get a reply

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Deleted User

Nov 7, 2019 12:49

Brother, I am not sure how websites work. But maybe, there are just bots who reply, not even real people. So, it might be a fake website with bots.

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Deleted User

Nov 21, 2019 09:31

Bro if they suddenly disappear it's called "ghosting" 😂

This is not (computer) science.

Peace Guy

Nov 21, 2019 18:17

@ Bonjour
Boo! 😱

Pure Heart

Dec 3, 2019 01:41

Salam Peace Guy,

I sense an episode of X File would be based on this dilemma one day because some of us have experienced it too.
I also luv the humour in the responds and I wish Helahel could open a live chat room with moderator so we get to know and understand the active contributors daily.


Dec 9, 2019 19:30

Read this from the website. Try to read between lines.

We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here.
You can opt out of personalised ads by following the instructions here.
We use cookies to store information about your visit to our site but these do not include any of your personal details.
Your IP address will be logged on visiting the site to allow us to prevent spam and other misuse of the site.
You can delete your account at any time by following the instructions here. On deleting your account most of your profile information will be immediately removed, however some data may be retained for a period of time where there remains a legitimate interest for us to do so (e.g. if your account is delete for breaching these terms of use, we may retain your email address and/or IP address to prevent future sign ups). Our data retention policy is outlined below.
Your data may be shared with law enforcement or other government agencies where there is a legal requirement for us to do so.
Note that your profile data (including your age, gender, location, sexuality and uploaded photos) will be publicly viewable including to non member of the site, and may be found via 3rd party search engines.

Data Retention
All personal data supplied to us during the sign up process will be retained until such time as your account is deleted, or your account is deemed to be inactve. An account is considered inactive if you have not logged in to it for a period of 5 years.
An audit of all IP addresses used to log in to the site are kept for a period of 6 months. In some cases (such as where a user is suspected of malicious activity) your IP address may be stored for longer periods to prevent further malicious activity, this would be deemed a legitimate interest under EU law.
After your account has been deleted, we may retain your email address on file to enable us to see that a previous relationship existed, this would be deemed a legitimate interest under EU law 😉

Pure Heart

Dec 10, 2019 03:57

Salam Amir,
Pls explain it in personal message. Ty😊


Dec 10, 2019 11:11

Salam Pure Heart,
If you read all of that words above, you will understand a lot. I can tell, that no one is protected here. Everything you give for them is for sell to others and that's why it's a "free" website😉

I can't explain everything here, remember all what you say is for sell to others and the money is a lot, mouth - watering, so no website can resist them. Have you ever saw this movie, " They live" I may talk a bit about it in separate thread.

Pure Heart

Dec 10, 2019 11:57

Waalaikumussalam Amir,

I think what you are saying is that all our data is kept n used for many reasons n not just Helahel? Am l right or wrong? And even if we delete our acciunt, our data has been stored elsewhere?
I think it’s the same as those companies that have access to our pjone numbers and they share or sell these info to other vompanies who seek new customers etc.

Pure Heart

Dec 10, 2019 11:58

Oops typo error
Phone number, companies

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Deleted User

Dec 10, 2019 17:33

@ pure heart
The same thing is done in social media, facebook and the likes. We don't have any privacy anymore.
They sell your info to companies, and can spy on anyone through your camputer camera or phone camera and the inlet of the speakers and sound on all devices connected to internet.
The zionist freemasons Zakerberg was seen taping his camera and inlet of the speaker on his laptop, because he knew that hackers can spy on him....etc.
They know your location through GPS, even if your phone battery is dead, because they made the battery can hold an unidentified amount of power. That is, when your battery is 0%, it doesn't mean that it is actually 0%, maybe it still has like 5% or more which is hidden from the screen, so the phone turns off, but still it sends signals.
If you search on google for some type of clothes or machines, when you open your facebook, you will get ads of those clothes and machines on facebook, because they have collected info on you from google or anywhere on the web.


Dec 10, 2019 22:30

Dear Pure Heart,
If you have a smart phone, they definitely know a lot about you. The problem is too big. When they know your email address + your Ip address + all the website that you use + your phone number+ your pictures and your words + your chat friends in FB and here or in youtube. After few years they will have a complete profile about your life and your family life too, so when they want to find you because you think different than others, they will hunt you down. We are heading to an absolute totalitarian regime. This is a satanic mind trying to control humanity. Don't be surprised when you read this word "smart" phone or smart tv. I never used smart phone I just saw the technical part and read the setup and I decided not to buy it.

My advice to you and others, when you go to sleep, switch off your phone and your internet Modem. And if your country are using 5G signal, you will be having a bad brain in the future and they want that to all the people, to stay sick or hypnotized like sheep. This is only 0,01 % that I can tell.

Pure Heart

Dec 11, 2019 04:35

Salam Samir and Amir,

Ty for your information and enlightening me on the manipulation of data by many agencies for the wrong reasons. I know the word private and confidential apply only to very rare and limited institutions and it’s sad to know the abuse of such personal invasion of privacy for selfish reasons.
But how else can we communicate with each other than using the internet?

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Deleted User

Dec 11, 2019 04:56

In person.

Pure Heart

Dec 11, 2019 05:35

Sis Rabiah

It would be nice to meet in person if you are staying in the same country and same town.
However, circumstances are not possible for long distance relationship unless both are positively sure and ready to meet. But logistics and airfare are considerations to be arranged separately.

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Deleted User

Dec 11, 2019 09:19

True, so you now realise you cant communicate via the internet privately. So, there is no point in asking how else you can do it.

Pure Heart

Dec 11, 2019 12:18

Yup so it is back to square one lol ... or have live chat and filter the fakes?


Dec 12, 2019 19:05

I want to tell one more thing, your smart phone is a spy phone, here I want to say that both companies ( Google and Microsoft) can open your camera or your mic and keep watching you. So try to to close your phone or just use a tape to close the camera. Years back Samsung did admit that their camera and their Mic always on to record data from the users and they sell that to the third party 🤫

Here is some link you may like to see, by the way all companies spy on you, Medical field, Pharmaceutical companies, even Supermarkt doing that via their app. Energie companies are using Smart meter, they are connected to your home, so they know when you are at home and when you are on vacation, they can use that in bad way. By the year 2022 all European houses about 80% of them is obligated to use Smart meter. You can see there will be no privacy any more.


Please tell your family and relatives and you will enlighten them to be more conscious when they use their devices.

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Deleted User

Dec 12, 2019 19:56

Salam Pure Heart

Well, it is preferable to meet in person if we're in the same country or same city, but it is impossible from long distances. Maybe exchanging postal letters.
I don't know a solution. But from what I have seen in the videos of some truthers, they suggest to not use a smart phone at all. Maybe use a phone without internet, a simple one, flip phone or whatver they call it. If you use the computer, then use a computer that doesn't have a camera, or if it has tape it.
Some people connect through VPN to hide their IP's. Get rid of facebook and other social media and just connect with your friends through messages and emails, and if you still want to keep your socail media, use fake information about you, don't give your particulars (address, master card, photos......).
I used to sign in many sites and now my photos are everywhere I think, and they probably know everything about me, what I like, what I don't like, the comments I leave on flat earth videos, insults I write to freemasons....etc.
Facebook designers made it with a feature which make our brains produce dopemine which is like a drug cocaine, through the alrts that someone liked our photo or commented on our status....etc, so that we keep posting and remain hooked, and they can take as much time as possible from our lives with us glued to the screen scrolling down and checking our social network account countless times a day.

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Deleted User

Dec 15, 2019 10:55

Brothers and sisters, I have seen some videos of truthers also who talk about the SMART DEVICES and COMPUTERS and TVs that they are SCRYING MIRRORS, the black screens were used in magic and wichcraft and they can summon demons / jinns or the jinns can travel through them or something, and thus they channel negative energy.
Plus the microwaves and radiations that come out of these screens hurt the body and the mind and kill us slowly.
WIFI for rxample can make girls infertile, and it can disfigures the eggs in the womb for little girls

Peace Guy

Dec 17, 2019 19:38

And don't forget about electromagnetic radiation. Men should keep their cell phone away from the private area, especially the antenna end, because of the risk of reproductive harm.

Some cellphones have a built-in antenna at the top, while others are located at the bottom. That means to avoid typing on your lap because the antenna would be pointed right at the reproductive spot.

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Deleted User

Dec 17, 2019 20:18

When you pray, it drains away the poisons you all speak about. Allah Akbar. Especially if you make contact with the ground itself, so handy to pray in nature. subhannallah. So, no need to worry, just pray, and let Allah protect you. 🙂

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Deleted User

Dec 18, 2019 08:58

@ Peace Guy
True brother, the elites are so evil and they plotted to destroy all humans, both physically and mentally.
The depopulation agenda has things to do with ruining the reproductive systems. Evil schemes.
I am thinking of throwing my smart phone away. I have been using the phones for 17 years. I didn't benefit from them at all, just my eyesight got worse and worse, and my body tired

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Deleted User

Dec 18, 2019 09:00

@ Ana
Praying (salat) is a cure and a sport for the body and articulations, it relaxes you and more importantly, it connects you to the Creator, while internet and social media connect us with the devil/ satan, may the curse of Allah be upon him.

Helahel Admin

Dec 18, 2019 11:22

There seem to be a lot of conspiracy theories above, so to clarify in relation to the terms and conditions:

The adverts you see on the website are provided by Google. To improve the kind of adverts you see, they may target ads for things you have looked at previously - e.g. if you are looking at a product on Amazon - and then come to Helahel - you may well see an ad for the product you were looking at previously. That is all controlled by Google - not us, and has nothing to do with your personal information - it's your browsing history as tracked by Google. You can opt out of that using the link provided in the terms and conditions which will take you to the settings on Googles site.

You personal data isn't passed on or sold to any other companies.

Your IP addresses are stored purely for security - as it allows us to block users who may be for example sending spam, and also helps us to identify accounts with fake data - e.g. if the profiles states the user is from the UK - but the IP address shows they are always logging in from Nigeria.

It's all very standard stuff - no need for "reading between the lines" the terms and conditions do exactly what they state, as required by law.

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Deleted User

Dec 18, 2019 15:33

Conspiracy theories are truths. While theories of evolution from monkeys, big bang, gravity, relativity....etc are pure crap.

I don't imply that you admins do sell the data of the users here, but most websites do it, specially social media, and they themselves admit it.
Now, ask yourself, WHO OWNS GOOGLE???!!!
When you answer that, ask this question. What objectives and motives do they have besides getting billions of dollars???

When you search in google , what are the objectives of google owners, you get this result:

Google's corporate mission is “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google's corporate vision is “to provide access to the world's information in one click.”Oct 1, 2018

While in reality they spy on you, you store your info in Cloud....etc, and in the future you might not have a harddrive at all, all data will be stored in servers, and they can block you from accessing it, for any reasons they want. Like your money in the bank, they can block you from withdrawing it.
The google AI will know what you think..........
Same with the chip they intend to plant in your body, they can switch you off anytime they want, like you switch your phone or computer..............
They might be able to even erase some of your memories...........
Google controls all the info you get online, push for political bias, propaganda and highlight s**t, while hide/ censore truths...........
Forget about the ads and collecting money and info.


Dec 28, 2019 14:52

Seem I am the only one with tin foil hat. Okay I will not discuss with the site admin, it is your website, you do what ever you like and you are the bosses here. I just want to know why you keep our data for 5 years? Do you like number 5 or you just love to keep people's data? Why you can't just delete or erase all the profiles data? Did the EU asked you to keep people's data for 5 years? Is this a EU demand, write it down if they say that. Will you delete all the profile data from someone when he/she asking you?


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