An Idea for Improving this Site: Display Previous Messages.

An Idea for Improving this Site: Display Previous Messages.

Peace Guy Created Oct 30, 2019 21:00

Has anyone sent a message without realizing that you had already sent one before?

I got a heartfelt reply from someone who is not interested in me. While sending back a blessing, I scrolled up and discovered that I had sent her several messages, as early as August of 2018. The unspoken etiquette on this site is that if a woman doesn't reply to a man's message, it means that she is not interested. I didn't realize that I had sent to this person because she has no picture and apparently changed her profile wording. More importantly, the "send message" page doesn't indicate that you have already sent one (or many) before.

@ admin
Is there a way to display your previous messages when sending a new message, like when responding to an existing thread?

@ all site members
Would you like this function added to the site?


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One Love ❤️

Oct 30, 2019 21:04

You made a good suggestion and yes i have done the same too...

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Deleted User

Oct 31, 2019 14:32

There’s a section called sent messages. Have a scroll through that before sending out messages.

You made a good point of women not replying back meaning uninterested. I wonder if men realize that when we actually SAY we are not interested, we mean it. All this “why”, “you’re arrogant” nonsense shouldn’t be brought here. Just as men have a preference, so do women.

Sorry to hijack your post but I couldn’t muster the spirit to make this a thread seeing as some men like to attack any time a girl speaks. I’ve had such weird run ins on here. Allah yahdina.

Peace Guy

Oct 31, 2019 21:41

@ 100% Real
Shukran Bro, I hope that the admin can implement a patch for the prior messages.

@ Anon
I've been on this site since Summer of 2016 and I have 49 pages of "sent messages". I can't keep track of them all as sometimes people change their username, pic, and profile wording. I'm sorry, but I don't think it's appropriate for a man to watch every woman's profile just to avoid a mistake. I would feel like a stalker if I were to obsess about this and check a hundred messages before sending a new message to someone. It's really not practical.

I don't think that you have "hijacked" this thread. It's relevant to the subject matter because it was mentioned in the initial post. You are praiseworthy for speaking out and I endorse your comments.

If the men on this site would be a little more polite, the women might be more open to reply.

Shukran, Sister, for being brave enough to speak up. Bravo!

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Deleted User

Nov 3, 2019 03:55

So what you’re saying is when u post a comment to someone you’ve commented to before, it should show old messages before u send new ones? Subhanallah, I thought it did that. Obviously not, if you’re having problems with it. I’ve had a few people message me with what they think is new interest after I’ve said I’m not interested and I’ve wondered why they don’t just check their sent messages but ok I see your point; if you’ve sent bundles then it’s impossible to keep track of, so this blind spot does need fixing. In sha’ Allah khyr.

Thanks for your positive feedback. I was apprehensive about sharing it at all. I think we all need to hear what’s being said in our inbox not just read. Like just now, I sent someone I’m not interested and he came back with a “so glad to hear from you...” made me wonder if he was successful, would he even hear me in a relationship?

This is a good little site though. May we all find what we’re looking for. Ameen.

Peace Guy

Nov 3, 2019 19:30

Ameen to everyone finding a spouse!

Thank you for bringing up a good point. You are right that when a member navigates through the "messages" or "sent messages" page, any previous messages are displayed (but sometimes even this is not easy to see on a cellphone display as one must scroll up to see the previous messages).

However, when a member sends a message through the profile page "send message", no message history is displayed. That means the problem is in the profile page link to messages.

Sometimes, if one navigates "back" after sending a new message from a profile page, the full history is displayed (but then it is too late because you can't delete the message).

Please note that the problem has been verified and it is a valid concern. At least two members feel that directing the profile page's "send message" link to a "sent messages" path would greatly enhance the user experience of this site. This should be easy to edit.

@ All Brothers on this site
Please read your replies carefully and try to understand that a woman needs to be heard. To listen to one's wife is part of the Sharia law. Please practice our deen.


Nov 4, 2019 06:57

Weather uv sent a massage or not not worry just go for it

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Deleted User

Nov 7, 2019 03:29

Déjà vue.

Peace Guy

Nov 9, 2019 23:08

How embarrassing. The member who this thread was written about... She changed her username *again* and I sent yet *another* message without realizing it!

The subject-line of a new message overwrites a previously written message's subject-line. This feature is actually good because if it separated messages per subject-line (like Gmail does), we would never know if we had sent to anyone before.

To improve the glitch, we only need either:

1. A prompt to the fact that a message has been sent before when viewing a profile or sending a message;

- or -

2. To display the previous messages when sending from the main profile page.

Until then, Sisters, please forgive me if I send you a duplicate intro message. I don't mean to keep pestering you, it's just a glitch in the site.

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One Love ❤️

Nov 9, 2019 23:42

Trust me, i have done it too.. especially when the user changes there profile name.


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