Always verify the person you meet confirming they are who they claim to be on the picture

Always verify the person you meet confirming they are who they claim to be on the picture

blackgalaxy8909 Created Oct 25, 2019 22:52

I've dealt with different scams on here of girls impersonating someone else . Always make sure to verify the person's information and have a third of 4th party reference such as their relatives or family member from the their behalf in whom you can you can talk to on FaceTime or Webcam making sure they are who they claim to be . Use Webcam and FaceTime only as an essential for the purpose of verifying the person to determine if they match who they claim to be . Always verify the person's email and name as well as location by using sites different multiple sites such as beenverified.com and spokeo . Never proceed towards the steps of marriage without verifying and confirming the individual or else it may feel hard to reverse from the relationship that won't be trusted. If the person is unwilling to verify themselves or use a third party of their family then do not proceed with the person . Never send any money to whoever asks and do not ever think about doing a wire transfer if being requested . If asked for money or wire transfer claiming for urgent or whatever it is of the reason they may say then immediately stop talking to the person and block them reporting it as its a scam and can cause serious problems of fraudulent checks being placed into your bank account which can lead to potential legal problems.


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Oct 28, 2019 06:53

Exactly bro


Oct 28, 2019 18:16



Nov 8, 2019 00:36

Who in their right mind would allow or do something that stupid to give money As a sister FaceTime is fine but one should at least talk with the person on this website for a couple of weeks first brothers always ask me what’s your what’sApo number or what’s your professional and don’t even know my name so I do not give it so easily


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