Assalamu o alykom

Assalamu o alykom

Khawar786 Created Oct 23, 2019 11:14

Assalamu o alykom to everyone I hope everything going well .Please I am looking for Muslim girl for Marriage not for playing so if have any of please Contact me thanks and it will be better if she is from Europe .
Jazak Allah


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Oct 24, 2019 07:27

Walaykum salaam


Oct 25, 2019 20:07

aleykum assalam wa rahmatu Allah wa baratuh.
They seek money and good social status. I am afraid that if you don't have that, then you won't find any girl. Even a 45 years old woman who is about to die, asks for a high dowry and jewellery. Let them be single and look in your neighborhood. And if you're in Europe, just go to a mosque and ask the imam or the musaleen to find you a good match nearby, especially a rtevert. A revert generally is willing to foillow the islamic teachings thoroughly. Unlike the born muslims who are dressed naked, listen to music, hang out with guys.....etc.


Oct 25, 2019 21:33

Well said bro..
but not sure on 45 year old dying because alhamdulillah im in good health at 45 lol


Oct 25, 2019 22:50

@ Psssst, yeah you 😉
Jazak Allah subhanahu wa taala kheyr brother. I didn't imply that 45 years old are dying, at least not for men, since they can have kids to a very old age, in cases even at 85. But for women, you know, they get not too good looking with wrinckles and can't conceive, yet they still asking for dowries and a luxurious wedding ceremony, a separate house....
The prophet peace be upon him married his daughters with less than 800 dirhams, which equals now less than 55 euros.


Oct 26, 2019 01:19

Again you are right and you made some good points there. We have a saying.. Money Makes The World Go Round...
It's all about money brother..


Nov 6, 2019 14:11

Assalamualaikum. What I believe in Al-Quran is bad woman for bad man, and good woman for man. And don't give up to ask Allah guidence. Be optimistic and also holding tight to Allah. Everything will be good in time. Believe only to Allah. Marriage these days become so hard and zinah become easy. It's because we live in akhir zaman. May Allah protect us.


Nov 6, 2019 14:12

You may seek wife in community.. brother


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