A scammer « Omar », be careful sisters!

A scammer « Omar », be careful sisters!

Sincerity84 Created Oct 11, 2019 16:15

AsSalam alaikum wa rahmatu Allah sisters,

I had a contact with this man calling himself OMAR:


He pretended being Arabic man from UAE, and was talking in a respectful way, then sent his pic, I was suspicious about him « too good to be true », then I collected evidence proving that he is a SCAMMER from NIGERIA.. even if he was using a WhatsApp number (Qatar) -some apps offers free numbers from different countries - , pretending to be a widower, sending picture of a businessman, talking about his work professionally and even saying that he is in a work trip to my country Tunisia these days ..
But Alhamdulil Allah I used face search image on internet (a Russian search engine) to find out who is the owner of the pic (a famous Syrian businessman living in UAE), google image was not useful this time.. and I used another website to find out his real location which is Nigeria..
I contacted the wife of the Syrian man via Facebook and he will be pursued, since I have his IP address , he will pay for his lies..
So be careful sisters , don’t trust anyone, don’t send anything personal before being sure of the identity of the person, and use internet tools to find out the truth..


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