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What a shame for few guys who we thought were serious, but only want to use women of nasty video call, astagfirullah


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Oct 7, 2019 08:49

I am not like that
I am seriues to marriage
I almost one year in this site but not find a seriues woman or girl for marriage


Oct 7, 2019 11:40

Welcome to Helahel sister Yani.


Oct 7, 2019 13:49

I like the way you said that...


Oct 7, 2019 19:46

Lol Sukran @ENIGMA


Oct 7, 2019 22:00

Your welcome 😉 lol


Oct 8, 2019 02:48

@Enigma I saw your profile and saw about Indonesian girl, and I want to tell you that not everyone is the same, I myself never ask money from any guy, cause I don't need them to give me money, but only pure intention for marriage, I hope you don't judge everyone the same, if you're talking to me I guarantee you'll not hear anything about money from me. But I will talk to you only as friend, not for marriage purposes

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Oct 8, 2019 05:33

Don't pick vid call for the 1st encounter. A perverted guy who claimed his name Lu and live in America VCed and texted me yesterday. He talked normally in few first convos then starting talk unpleasantly ..like who will ask about virginity with some1 new?.then starting talk bad about Asian and Muslimah (I dont want share it in here tbh) ofc I got angry and spilled the tea and blocked him. Then he called with 2 different numbers with different state codes..and talked bad about me, mocked me and treated me that he would spread my numbers and the screenshoot of our convos in this site. Starting now on I will be more careful to share my numbers in here.


Oct 8, 2019 06:17

we should not forget that we r in one boat here with good and bad woman and good and bad men


Oct 8, 2019 08:48

Right Ally, good women for good men, and bad for bad.


Oct 8, 2019 09:06

Ouch! That's gross @sister Ungu....
Please be a better person by not minding him. I have seen worst here but it didn't break me. What doesn't kill makes you stronger so don't allow no negative person's mockery to anger you, it doesn't worth it. Your time is precious, make a good use of it by not exchanging words with such people. May Allah Grant us our heart desires Insha'Allah.
Jazakallahu kyran

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Oct 8, 2019 11:51

For the prev comentator thank u for ur nice words and thank u for not being such a judgemental person. The reason why I got angry cos he downgraded me as muslimah, as woman and as Asian. I've encounterd with many scammers and pervert guys in here but none acted as him that's why. @Amir well I can't say that I'm a good person cos im not the typical person who praise myself but one for sure I have good intention in here.


Oct 8, 2019 14:01

To be honest it wasn't just 1 Indonesian girl but a few and one of them was nice enough to apologise and explained she had a family to take care of (parents) I think she was a web entertainer. I have respect for her because she genuinely was sorry. Yani I dont think all Indonesian people are fake but its in my top 10 list of countries.. at number one position at the moment is USA and at two is Morocco lol.
Hmmmm, thank you for offering me friendship but I would have preferred a marriage proposal from you with a box of chocolates and a smile lol.


Oct 8, 2019 14:04

لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله


Oct 8, 2019 14:06

Sorry to hear about your experience..
A few sisters have been through the same and one of them told me that the scammer tried to convince her of leaving Islam.

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Oct 8, 2019 14:31

@ENIGMA yeah we should be more careful about that too..maybe some people in here have screet mission or something like that. btw, I'm Indonesian too lol but no hurt feeling tho cos u talked based on ur own experiences too but ofc not Indonesian women are like that.


Oct 8, 2019 16:16

@Enigma that was nice, making me smile lol


Oct 8, 2019 16:17

@ Ungu, that's why I decided to not fully trust someone I meet her, until they really prove that they deserve me, this way I can know what's their real intention


Oct 9, 2019 19:04

some guyz here are really something can you Imagine a full grown Muslim man asking me for s*xy photos really is that even allowed in Islam?some men are really something i am really careful about men in here they can be really charming but end up being people 's biggest nightmare


Oct 10, 2019 16:05

#Ungu.. #No name
You sent me 3 messages and i have been busy to reply back and i wasn't ignoring you. When i did reply, I noticed you had blocked me.. kind a weird of you to do that but good luck.
I've had to add you on my bad experience with an Indonesian list lol


Oct 17, 2019 20:51

I'm sorry to say this: Ladies and Gentlemen (You must first see something you want). When you have so many problems in relationship and conversation:: It means you do not know how to speak well and well.I'm sorry to say this (you guys should try to learn to speak good and healthy). @ yani :You should first try instead of being objectionable: Improve your speaking style.Good luck to all friends


Oct 18, 2019 08:14

The shame is when u accept do vidéo call with strangers u know this is haram u can do this just with ur husband


Oct 20, 2019 10:21

Assalaamu alaikum


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