Unfortunately they are not looking for a Muslim but a rich young man

Unfortunately they are not looking for a Muslim but a rich young man

Ramzi Created Sep 25, 2019 13:05

Many girls here are looking for a chance to live with a rich young man and don't like to talk to people like me


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Sep 25, 2019 21:57

You are right.........also this site is free and most of the girl they are free just passing time, they will
do few corrospondwnce and the they will pass time with another one..........

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Deleted User

Sep 27, 2019 01:27

Be patient Ramsy..Insha Allah u will find a good woman in here or in ur real life.


Nov 8, 2019 01:07

Want women want is to be supported in the way Allah says. Not meaning rich but able to support a wife. If you canโ€™t the. He says FAST

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Deleted User

Nov 8, 2019 16:22

Haha I like your comment dear sweet thing

Us Muslim men don't want to work all day then comeback home just to find out that we need to Fast tomorrow for 40years

That's only for temporary situation such as having no woman around to marry or sever scarceness or like travel or war or natural c causes

Besides we're not the only lossers
Those women have the wrong ideas from society

Thanks to our time media

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Deleted User

Nov 11, 2019 01:16

It's not the money. I know a couple who got married on the basis of mahr at 10,000 gbp and the boy said I committed to it even though I did not have 2000 even because I understand the lady I married was asking for me to give her a value. They have been married 14 years now and he pays the mahr every month but she respects him to the moon and back and he adores her for that.
It's not the amount or riches. If you look deeper you will see the mahr is a standard and a status of the wife not how much the husband can give.

Seyed farzad ๐ŸŒน

May 8, 2020 01:14

Someone who has money doesn't say I'm rich .Most of those who say they are for their own benefit!


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