Ramzi Created Sep 20, 2019 16:03

I think we have a lot of racists here, a problem that needs to be taken seriously


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Sep 25, 2019 17:02

what did you mean racists

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Sep 25, 2019 17:03

no no i dont think that

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Oct 7, 2019 08:22

salaam bro

u correct, from all ethnic groups

i got stabbed about 3 weeks back, a fair skinned egyptian person told me not too talk to him coz im a choclatey colour,

LOL we'll u can imagine what happened from there....

Sellah waingo43yrs

Oct 7, 2019 20:45

It's all around us our homes our workplaces and our countries,,,helahel is just a small version of the real world out there...


Oct 7, 2019 20:52

Blame the media for all racism and religious hatred.. Welcome to the new world order run by zionists.


Oct 7, 2019 21:20

Can we really blame anyone else for the racism as long as we all have it in us? Europeans went to middle East from discovery of to present day and found good jobs there. Indians, on the other hands, come as salesmen on $300 a month salary and live in congested old buildings. But Indians themselves has a color-based caste system.

I met an African guy with movie looks in Dubai who went to the famous $1,000 a night Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai for job. They used to charge $200 just for the door fee which is now reduced down to $100. They offered him 1,500 per month. "Is that on dollars", he asked. "No, dirhams" ($409) was the reply he got.


Oct 7, 2019 21:43

I was in Algeria and noticed that all white girls got married early and browns left behind. And only a generation ago, such thinking wasn't there because father may be white and mother brown, 2 sisters white and married and other 3 browns and left behind.

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Deleted User

Oct 9, 2019 19:09

i agree blame the media for all racism and hatred.. its thier only way to put scare in to people and then they control and do as they pls.. then you have the idiots that follows their lead.. i always say to the haters you try make out the world belong to you but fact is we belong to the world we can't claim the world the world claims us.. we all be mitti and our souls will be returned back to god and delt with acordenly ..

Kazim Hamza Hassan

Oct 9, 2019 21:19

If any brothers or sisters for that matter, has a problem.With a person race.Then they really do need to check their Islam.
As their is NO place, for any kind of RACISM IN Islam what so ever.i often think its sad.When i see a sisters ad saying no Arabs African or Pakistainis.It the same as some Muslims follow a caste system.Esp those from India.This is not Islam.


Oct 9, 2019 23:27

This story my told by a teacher. I didn't read it in any book. Bilal Habshi liked an Arab girl, and had only Prophet to take with him. Still, 3 times her parents refused, but on 3rd occasion, the girl stepped forward and said she accepts because she couldn't bear to see the Prophet turned down again.


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