Message to the admin of the site

Message to the admin of the site

Mahmoud yosef Created Sep 5, 2019 20:02

Since lots of people here are disappointed from the site and fake people and wonder if anyone here met her or his partner and got married

I recommend that the site administrator create a section for couple who got married through this site and share their story..
In this way we get some hope to find a real partner and also add some validity to the site


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Sep 6, 2019 05:22

They r a few stories but idouth if it makes a difference

Mahmoud yosef

Sep 7, 2019 11:22

I think it will make some difference


Sep 8, 2019 15:04

I don't think anyone will be on success stories link. Why not create a link for the ones who got scammed? But in all fairness, same is the case with ALL dating sites, only difference is that on free sites, fakes are individuals and on paid sites fakes are the admin to sell more memberships.

Mahmoud yosef

Sep 8, 2019 21:27

Scammers are everywhere in life


Sep 9, 2019 08:50

Amir you are so funny.scammers are everywhere,the only thing to do is don't get into the trap easily.a person with good intentions won't rush to do anything from sending you gifts,air ticket and visa that one is a high end scammer


Sep 9, 2019 22:51

really will not rush why cause he/she enjoy just talking am here for find someone who actually want marriage what is purpouse anyway real life begin in marriage but why be simple we can complicate.es salamu aleykum for some happy finding country for some wealth for honest people may Allah give khair in their life partners.


Sep 10, 2019 13:16

I personally message one of the admin but no response.

Its disgusting when people hide in the name of marriage and religion to scam others. I can specifically say that 50% of profile on this site is fake, especially those from the US, UK, and Canada.

All the admin of this site no is to generate income through Google ads display on the site, they hardly make any changes or monitor the sites.

Am in conversation with a lady which she told me a guy from Tunisia scam her, I was very annoyed and since then as a cybersecurity professional, am trying to track down scammers here.

Here is an example: https://www.helahel.com/profile/view/76616 this person name Aisha Ali is a scammer and got three profile.
1. https://www.helahel.com/profile/view/70816
2. https://www.helahel.com/profile/view/70989
3. https://www.helahel.com/profile/view/76616

She names Aminat on other profile using the same pictures.
These stupid people will go to Instagram and take different pictures of a lady to scam others.

I challenge the admin to come out and stop all this nonsense if at all they are not scammers too.

Helahel Admin

Sep 10, 2019 15:52

Sorry but to say we don't monitor the site is complete rubbish, we review all photos and profiles on a daily basis. That is what the report button is there for. The profiles you mentioned have been deleted. This is a small site we can't afford to have someone sat 24/7 monitoring each and every profile as they are created.


Sep 10, 2019 16:05

It's very rude and non-professional to refer to your user as rubbish. Watch your language.

Helahel Admin

Sep 10, 2019 21:22

I didn't refer to you as rubbish, I said saying we don't monitor the site is rubbish...


Sep 10, 2019 21:56

@Admin I never expect apology anyway, all am after is if you create an avenue for people to complete part of their deen, you should look for time to monitor activities there.

Good, you have good intention for creating the site, but you need to increase your security measure as to safeguard the real users.

May Allah reward your effort and save us all from the fitnah of this world.

No Photo

Limited Edition 👌

Sep 11, 2019 02:00

Its nice to see that admin have made things clear by being honest about the situation of Helahel being a small site and that they can't monitor every profile 24/7.. They could have easily deleted the topic and not said anything. Brothers and sisters, we just have to be on guard regarding fakes and just keep reporting them.


Sep 14, 2019 12:27

Mahmoud yosef nothing here is true no honesty no faith scammers are allot in this site
but im still having hope and faith ti find what im looking for

Mahmoud yosef

Sep 14, 2019 12:34

Still think there are real people here and I dealt with them
I think it's just hard to find the right person especially there are not a lot of people on the site


Sep 16, 2019 23:30

There are very good people here but they are few


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