The best Quran recitation.

The best Quran recitation.

Amir Created Sep 4, 2019 19:27

If you hear this voice, I am sure you will cry. So if you want to soft your heart try to listen to this man Muhammad Al Kurdi.
I am sure some sisters and brothers here know him but it will be nice to let everyone hear him. The link is below or just write his name on youtube. I am speechless, I can't describe my feeling everytime I hear him I cry. Brothers and sister, don't forget your Dua'a? Shukren lakum.



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Deleted User

Sep 6, 2019 00:37

Brother please listen to the magnificent abdul basit abdul samad, he is my favorite Quran reciter may Allah be merciful to him.


Sep 6, 2019 12:48

Salaam brother,
Weird, you are the first guy put a comment here, seem no one interested to listen to the Quran maybe they all become Hafid and they don't want any competition🤣
Or all of the profiles here from scammers and scammers are jealous and they want people always talk about them😆
I always listen to Abdel basset + Muhammad Siddiq Al Minshawi and in Ramadan, I used to watch live from Makkah to Ahmad Al-Ajmi. But this man is good too.

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Deleted User

Sep 6, 2019 23:27

I don’t know about other brothers and sisters, but this is the only topic I find it interesting to post a comment on. Also I would like to recommend you hassan saleh to listen to one of the best reciters.

Blue Green

Sep 8, 2019 00:37

Wa alaikum as salam,
Subhan Allah, very nice recitation by our brother Muhammad Al Kurdi.


Sep 8, 2019 01:59

The voice that soothes my heart is of Mishary Rashid Al Afasy.


Sep 8, 2019 05:28

Brother Muhammad Al Kurdi clearly has one of the most soothing voices out there…here’s one video where he became quite emotional reciting the Quran at marker 4:34, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnk8Apw8OaM

Beautiful recitation of Quran by a child and a pre-teen:



Sep 8, 2019 12:14

Salaam Openheart,
Honestly I don't listen very often to children recitation but the second one was perfect. The reason for that, they may get another voice when they grow up. A week ago I saw a blessed child, very adorable, see this link.

In Dutch Openhaard means a Fireplace, the D later we pronounce it as a T, so every time I read your name I smile.😃


Sep 8, 2019 14:49

صوت عبدا الصمد لا يتكرر ابداالابد


Sep 10, 2019 06:07

Listen to Idrees Abkr recitation
It will make you cry out loud


Sep 11, 2019 20:13

Thank you brother, indeed very warm voice.


Sep 20, 2019 20:15

Slaam alikum
Way all people from every countriy not like afghansitan i massage to alot of women and girls most of tehem not reaply me


Sep 22, 2019 09:51

Off the topic 🤔
Anyway I think you should find a woman in your area is much conservative than outside your country. Find a woman without smartphone and the reason for that, they all is brainwashed and will never be satisfied with their life. Welsalaam

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Deleted User

Nov 6, 2019 14:37

Just a friendly reminder...

“Many people lose the blessing and effect of the Quran within themselves because observing the voice of the reciter busies them from reflecting over the words of Allah.” Shaykh Abdul Aziz Tarefe

We should be moved by the words of Allah not whoever recites them.


Nov 6, 2019 15:01

listen Hazza albalushi

surah hijr

sure maryam


Nov 7, 2019 18:00

@ Anon,

Well, I don't agree. When you pray 5 times a day, do you really keep focusing on the Allah's words all the time? I read and write Arabic but you can't interpret everything when you read, you need the interpretation of our scholars. When you listen to a good reciter you will be more closer to Allah ,it is a peaceful feelings. I am sure you have a special reciter that brings more peace to your heart.

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Deleted User

Nov 7, 2019 19:39

This is an example of how far away we really are from the authentic Quran and sunnah.

If you are praying without khushu’ or not understanding what you’re saying, it’s pretty much a wasted salah.

“Do they not then earnestly seek to understand the Quran, or are there locks on their hearts?” (Al-Quran, 47:24).

Ikrimah ibn Abu Jahi used to fall unconscious when opening the Mushaf, saying, “It is the Speech of my Lord, it is the Speech of my Lord.”

We should read the Tafsir, understand it and reflect on it. This is what makes the heart and eyes weep.

What u said is an insult to Allah and His Magnificent Kitab that we are not able to be in awe of his words unless they are recited by someone with a pleasing voice.

Will you always rely on someone else to bring you to tears? The prophet ﷺ and the sahaba’s eyes would overflow with tears at the meaning of the Quran not who was reciting it.

Abdullah ibn Masud said, “The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to me, ‘Recite (the Quran) to me.’ I said, ‘O Allah’s Messenger, shall I recite (the Quran) to you while it has been revealed to you?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ So, I recited Surat An-Nisa, but when I recited the verse: ‘How (will it be) then when We bring from each nation a witness and We bring you (O Muhammad) as a witness against these people,’ he said, ‘Enough for the present,’ I looked at him and behold his eyes were overflowing with tears” (Bukhari and Muslim).

Honestly, if we don’t weep over our condition, weep over ourselves or weep over the words of Allah, our hearts are dead.


Nov 8, 2019 02:27

First of all, I am not like you and not every muslim like you, we muslims try to understand Islam and as I said above we need to relay on our scholars interpretations "Tafsir" of course not every scholar is perfect. After the death of our prophet SAW, "not a natural death" every things become politicized so what you have now is not the "real" Islam, I am saying that, just to remind you that the so called "Al- Sahaba" were not what you think. They hijacked the real Islam for their own benefits, read history books you will find a lot of bad things happend by "al-sahaba" in other words, they waged wars against each other.

You mentioned Bukhari and Muslim, our resources is different than yours, if you don't know, we don't call or see bukhari and muslim books as " Shahih " because they added a lot of Hadith from their own pockets. As a Shia muslim we are open to discus every things but please leave that childish things aside and don't start to attack, I am not insulting Allah, with your next message, you will call me a "Kafer" I know that. By the way, give me a Quran verse says that we must follow the "Sahaba" ? We Shia muslims believe that we follow the real Sunnah.

You siad, ( If you are praying without khushu’ or not understanding what you’re saying, it’s pretty much a wasted salah.)

I am asking you, do you really pray 5 times p/d and all that time you are completely in khushu position? I have some moroccan friends they pray Salat Al-duhur in our work place, in 5 minutes? Very funny that all of them don't need to do Wudu, because their Wudu is 6 hours old, seems they don't gas or fart during that time!! Do you think they can be in khushu position? Are you certain that your Wudu and Salat is correct, according to Islam? Please don't let me open Pandora's box, I really don't have time.

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Deleted User

Nov 8, 2019 06:40

In his Jami Al-Ilm, Ibn Abd Al-Barr reported on the authority of Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) who said, “There is no good in worship without consciousness, in knowledge without understanding, or in reading without contemplation.”

If you truly read the Quran with understanding you would discover many verses talking about the sahaba and honoring of Aisha radi Allahu anhum. Whatever I bring to u of proof, u would reject because u r the rafidah u reject belief. So far as to say the Quran is incomplete and that your holy book is the kafi which is a disgusting doctrine of how to rape animals and kids.

There were no Shia in the time of the prophet ﷺ so this brings fallacy to ur belief. The main one would be committing shirk (which u already mentioned by others bringing u closer to Allah. The same thing the Quraysh would say when they brought idols into the haram) but let’s keep it constricted for now.

Throughout history, when people would ask about who the most righteous were in that time, they would say the companions of the prophet or the disciples of the prophet...all except the shia, who say the companions and wives were the worst of people. Even Allah revealed verses protecting Aisha radi Allahu anhu from slander and till this day shia start their filthy sermons cursing her.

What your Moroccan friends are doing is no indicator that our beliefs are incorrect. Perhaps they are following ur doctrine that allows people to pray all the prayers at all one time.

Anyhow, this is not the point of the post at all. My point was to bring about that the reflection of the verses of Allah is what matters more than the voice of the reciter.


Nov 8, 2019 11:57

I already predicted the content of your last message but I am not Nostradamus follower. 😏
I am not surprised, I just hope Allah will guide your heart to the right path, I still see you as a muslim and I will never call others a Kafir and then start to chop your head. I remember al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq originally from your city Zarqa, Jordan, he was called Al-Zarqawi. He is now enjoying your Sahaba and your mother Aisha. He is not only hate Shia muslims he and his followers hate everything.

We Shia are proud to be Rafidah, do you know what that word mean in Arabic, the Rejectionists. We reject most fake Sahaba, we never accept them as a true muslims. You mentioned Aisha, do you really know her? Do you know that she waged a war against her Imam, her Khalifa Ali ibn abi talib and she caused death of at least 20 thousands muslims? Do you want me to accept this woman or to reject her? If you don't know, here is the link. Read and try to learn.

How about Aisha and her breastfeeding Hadith for adult men? Do you follow Aisha steps and let your neighbor take a suck of your wife or your sister? Watch this link and open your mind and heart and ask yourself, can I love this woman? And please don't try to ignore her Hadith?

You have been deceived by your fake scholars, as I said we Shia don't have a perfect historian writer or a perfect scholar. Our only authentic book is the Quran and we believe in everything in it as a true words of Allah. And we don't ignore any word or any verse in it.

Your words,... (What your Moroccan friends are doing is no indicator that our beliefs are incorrect. Perhaps they are following ur doctrine that allows people to pray all the prayers at all one time.)

Funny, I pray according to our Prophet SAW, and I never pray in my work place like my Moroccan friends, cause I don't think I will be in khushu position and it is a dirty place, I can't mention Allah and his words when I do my Wudu in the WC. If my Wudu not correct, defiantly my pray is not correct too.

When you do the pray "salat" the hand gesture into your chest has nothing to do with Islamic praying, it is Umar ibn al khattab, idea. It is a 4000 years old way of the people in Mesopotamia, Iraq now. they performed their prayers to thier god in the same way you do now? Who in need now to re-correct himself? 🤔


Nov 30, 2019 18:04



Nov 30, 2019 18:30

Salman al uteybi سلمان العتبي



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Dec 1, 2019 04:41

About words and music...love the creator, love his creations.


Dec 28, 2019 17:36

Thank you for your positive contributions. I did saw all the links and they are good too. 😎

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Dec 29, 2019 10:43

I think this post is sweet. 🙂 La ila ha ila la


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