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Asalamualikum warahmatullah the idea of posting and comment i dont see it first time in this site it is great idea i was made a suggestion for admin here to make this but finaly admin was intelligent and think for this i Thank them for their effort and dedication and i have other suggestion for members here why we dont make publications with Purposeful topics In order to know the person's background and way of thinking because it is the most important thing in marriage cause its hard and tired to search just with profil information, The essence of person is his idea and this way make we to see this essence if u agree let's do it and i hope evry one find the right person who go with him to heaven inchaallah good luck for all and asalamualikum


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Sep 4, 2019 06:28

Slm I don't really catch the pint

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Nov 8, 2019 09:43

Do you mean an option where we can search criteria like if a person is religious or not?

I would second that motion. It would save so much time.


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