The voiceless people!

The voiceless people!

Amir Created Aug 10, 2019 10:52

90% of the people here are talking about scammers and how bad they are. I thought to let the scammers have a voice here and say why they are doing things that no one like. So come on mister the hustler, let us hear your voiceless voice. We are democ-rats 🐁😁

P.S: The priority is for the mister hustler and his followers to defend themselves.😏
Genuine people whom got hurt by them are welcome too.

Hurt list:
First degree, sending money to them and never heard from them any more?😩

Second degree, making a lot of promeses but then vanish like speedy gonzales.πŸ˜‚

Third degree, slow communication, not replying on time.πŸ™„

Forth degree, never answer you back, not even a word😫

Ladies and gentlemen, I only picked up few hurt points I am sure you can add more.πŸ€”


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Deleted User

Aug 10, 2019 14:49

Fifth degree: Making someone so attached to you a within a while start asking for n*de pictures.
If they disagree, you snubbed them.

Mr Niceness 😎

Aug 10, 2019 15:34

Third degree..
All Moroccon sisters.. 4 of them....
One is still here trying to make it to another country so she can futher her medical career.

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Deleted User

Aug 11, 2019 23:46

Sixth Degree; Asking for WhatsApp without any introduction and than bashing for no reason.


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