sign if the man is a scammer ( based from my experience ) sorry about my limit english.

sign if the man is a scammer ( based from my experience ) sorry about my limit english.

cat lover Created Aug 7, 2019 08:48

1. usually claim to be from the UK. but have also claimed to be from the Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia.
2. claimed to work as an American soldier and was being assigned to a conflict country. sometimes claims to work in an oil refinery or supplier of rig equipment. or someone claimed to be a trainer.
3. always saying he'll come to my country in 1 or 2 weeks
4. they always call dear, baby, darling, honey etc. because they clearly don't remember my name
5. WhatsApp is always online but they always say they are busy with clients even though they are also chat with other victims as well
6. they always claim to be Muslim revert and practicing Muslims. but they never say Assalamualaikum or answer my salam ( since maybe they aren't muslim )
7. they always try to convince their victims that they are real with video calls. sometimes prefer skype, viber etc but no whatsapp vc. sometimes the way they talk and mouth movements are different and they say it's because of delay signal.
8. They don't ask much about me, my personal life or my family. because they are actually not interested. they always focus on their life stories.
9. they did not answer my questions in detail one by one. maybe because they are too many other victims that they must also pay attention to
10. they claim to have children, but they don't have pictures with their children together. always separate in their photos
11. At that time I called and I wanted to test the Surah Al Fatihah, he just answered "is this joke?"
12. how they scam :

- on the rig, he said the internet network was difficult. he asked me to send an email for details of the purchase of goods. when he got a reply the email said that he had to pay a down payment of $$ as soon as the item was sent. and he said, because he was on the rig, and couldn't access the bank, he asked me to pay the money first
- For soldier, he said he would send items in the form of photographs of him in frames, fragrances, gucci bag and also heput money inside the bag. then I got an email saying from Malaysian customs that the items was stuck in Malaysia (near Indonesia) and I had to pay a $$ fine to get the item out. I contacted him so he would pay because I never asked him to send those. he always make reasons and I realized it was just a scam
- for one soldier ( 2 times i got scam as soldier ) he said he ask for my personal bak account detail. he said he will send me some money. and i read some article about this kind of scam then i know its only scam. so.. i reject him.

13. maybe other additions follow later.


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cat lover

Aug 7, 2019 08:59

- the one who claim as a trainer, he said he is australian citizen but originally from malaysia, he is aviators trainer. he said, he will come to my country to train for 3 months after he train at swiss. and not long after, he send me his flight detail he put name as amir aziza. at sunday he come, and need 2 days for registration. at 1st day his registration time, he said indo goverment didn't want to claim his flight transport from swiss to indonesia and he said gov will deduct from his money. then he said tomorrow he will go to the bank to take all he need to claim his transport money. then the 2nd day, he suddenly said that he has problem with bank with bla..bla..bla.. and he to borrow me $$ with $300 more add he will pay after he finish all the problem. i said no... you just scammer. he begin to angry and i block..


Aug 7, 2019 18:06

Interesting & sukran for sharing.
Jazakallahu kyran sister.


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