So Disappointing

So Disappointing

Desy Nur Created Jul 30, 2019 20:36

Assalamu'alaikum my friends...

I use this site only as entertainment and maybe I can find my soul mate here. We never know who will be our soul mate? Let's just say I'm on a mission to find my soul mate here.

There are many men who send messages. Start having profile photos and also without profile photos. only a few I replied to. Yes, roughly according to my standard. and apparently, many of those who abuse this dating site. That's a sad fact I know. Ranging from fraud to sexual abuse. and I experienced the last one.

Afterwards I wondered, what exactly was offered from this site? When many are found only fake accounts are scattered here. As a user I feel disappointed. And really hope this site can improve its security.

And for s*x-hungry men on this site, please, this is an Islamic dating site. You are a Muslim and it is fitting to know the limits for a Muslim. Glorifying women is the command of our Prophet. You shouldn't even HARASS women.

Hopefully the women are careful in choosing the message they want to reply to. And hopefully the satirized men can straighten their minds.

Thank you for your attention..
May Allah bless you...


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Deleted User

Jul 30, 2019 21:05

Jazakallahu kyran Sister.

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Deleted User

Aug 1, 2019 13:40

I really agree with u sister. It hapned tO me many times. Pls for all men here don say Ur muslim but Ur attitude really not real muslim. No respect


Aug 1, 2019 15:49

I like your post, and I like that you are trying to give a message to those men, so they can be more righteous persons. Girls are creatures of Allah, same as you boys are. So, everyone should have respect for each other. May Allah bless you ❤


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