Unfortunately fake

Unfortunately fake

Danj Created Jul 30, 2019 08:43

Are all ladies here fake?


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Mr Niceness 😎

Jul 30, 2019 13:52

Yes, i would say 95% are fake and these sick in the head sisters claim to be Muslim..

Mr Niceness 😎

Aug 5, 2019 13:12

You left me a comment (inbox)
If a brother wants to chat then i prefer forums.
You asked if i can prove if im real.. Yes, to a sister, video call, WhatsApp.. in anyway if requested.


Aug 5, 2019 17:30

I don't mean to offend.
How can I chat with you in a forum with so many messages coming in?


Aug 5, 2019 17:51

It will be very interruptive6


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