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I am here to give you tips on how to spot a scammer or a fake account, here are some facts;

1) Their ages vary and they are okay with anyone at any age.

2) They recently lost their work.

3) Recently lost their father, mother or some relative is in hospital.

5) Just had a breakup from boyfriend or girlfriend.. Have been hurt in previous relationship, the usual feel sorry for me emotional drama.

6) Originally from Colorado, New York, Chicago, New Jersey United States and other famous cities, but living out of country at the moment. Other countries include UK, Morocco, Egypt, Indonesia etc

7) Pretend to be very Islamic, very religious and devout with righteous quotes on profile.

8) Always have a photo with Hijab or Niqab, showing their level of devotion to Islam.

9) Always looking for God Fearing man or woman and say they only want a halal relationship.

10) They won't ask many questions about your past, origin, work, earning, living style, marital status, previous marriages, children etc. Why, because it is not their concern, they are here only to empty your pocket.

11) Their cell phone is either lost or broke.

12) Their cell camera and microphone is never working.

13) They don't always use Whatsapp or Viber incase you want a video call.

14) Will tell you that we will talk after a week, once I get a new phone.

15) Their last name is usually Mohammed. Their first names are usually Fatima, Aisha, Khadija, Noor, Mariam, the number 786.. famous Islamic names.. Also names like Seeker, Seekin, SingleLady.

16) They will only use google voice, which you can check online if it is a regular number or a google.

17) There profile will say something like this
'My friends say i am... or People will say I am or Friends describe me as... etc

So guys be careful and keep reporting against them.

If you ask for regular number or Skype ID, they will stop communicating.


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Rain is Sky's Tears

Jul 16, 2019 15:42

There are lots of girls and women
From UK
They are self restricted to marry UK boys only
Why didn't you find any
You seemed kind of good looking and lives in UK

One Love ❤️

Jul 16, 2019 18:36

# Life is so beautiful..
UK girls prefer the western lifestyle.. the ones i have met are just time wasters.


Aug 5, 2019 13:29

Wow.. Bro... Plz... Watch out your mouth before open... I came from indo... Mostly we are not fake. #real deal

One Love ❤️

Aug 5, 2019 14:16

#Ed... I would watch my mouth if i had not met a fake from Indonesia BUT i did and she admitted it by saying "she has to take care of her family".
I have not said that all are fake but asked brothers to be on guard.
I hope you understood sister..


Aug 10, 2019 16:50

I had to add numbers to my user name to have one and my name is Fatma. Does this mean I am a scammer lol

One Love ❤️

Aug 10, 2019 17:32

on this site, anything is possible so yes you could be a fake/scam artist or you could be genuine..
I have spoken to sisters who are fake and have certain numbers (could be some identification or pin given to them from whomever they work for)
If your genuine then good luck to you in finding a decent genuine brother.


Aug 10, 2019 18:35

Exactly bro im agree with you


Aug 10, 2019 20:03

Thank you Brother 😊 for your wish. Good luck for you too!


Aug 13, 2019 16:47

Examples r given take it or leave it

Melur Jelita

Aug 19, 2019 00:53

I want to add one thing. They may use picture. Like a beautiful picture. And not one word saying it's not their face


Aug 20, 2019 01:00

Well here’s one for you. Yesterday a man sent me a message: “How are you today ,i am new on here but your profile caught my attention ,so much interested in getting to know you better and more i hope that is possible?”

Today I was reading through the home page of Helahel and came across the Resources for friends sites. Browsing through one of the sites…guess what I found? This same man who sent me the message yesterday stole my words…copied the second paragraph from my profile and used it on his profile at BestMuslim.com. That is called plagiarism, thievery…a completely dishonest person. I can only assume his profile here and on that site is a complete fake and without a doubt, he will be using my words to describe himself to other dating sites or in life word for word. What a lowlife!!!


Aug 20, 2019 09:42

Here’s another…just a few minutes ago I received a message from a 53-year-old man from Washington with a Caucasian picture on his profile claiming to be new to this site…”not even up to 48hrs” he said.

Wrote that Islam was his mother’s religion who has since passed away and now his. He shared a Rutherford, New Jersey phone number. It didn’t take long for him to stumble…said he is a Nigerian man (I also detected the accent) claiming to be working in Kuwait and stuttered when I questioned him about his profile. Only then he realized he had a Caucasian picture on his profile and even double asked me if I was sure…then quickly he went to change the picture and had the audacity to say: "But just have it mind that I don’t mean any stupid things..just me and my self..We can always be best friend if you wish…Just try to forgive and forget for Allah”

I sent him a few quotes from the Quran regarding disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, evil-doers and the wicked and told him he has been warned. Quickly he deleted his account . Fake profiles and scammers are out on the lose my brothers and sisters...remain vigilant. May Our Maker protect us from these unscrupulous people.

One Love ❤️

Aug 20, 2019 12:49

#OpenHeart The words 'your profile caught my attention' has been used on me too.. and also where a sister has stolen my words from the forums about fakes and used them on me lol and she is still here on this site.. more likely playing games with brothers.
I have realised that everyone from USA is a fake.


Aug 21, 2019 03:10


Guess what? The piece of turd opened a new account, different name, and introduction but the same picture within minutes and had the audacity to send me a message. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit that he has multiple accounts here… = REPORTED & BLOCKED.

There are plenty of dishonest people claiming to live in a certain country and has a phone number from that specific country…it can be purchased through Apps. All I can say is…In every barrel of good apples, you’ll find few rotten apples in the bottom. I’m from the US and I'm authentic, Alhamdulillah.

One Love ❤️

Aug 21, 2019 13:52

To be honest I haven't come across anyone genuine from the states.. but nice to read that your authentic.
Sadly the report system doesn't always work as i have reported fake profiles few but still see them online. If helahel took action against all fakes then there wouldn't be many users here, it would be dead.. and then companies wouldn't advertise here.. Helahel needs fakes and sponsors to keep this site free


Aug 21, 2019 14:18

Bro, there are lot of honest person in this site. I'm an Indonesian woman, and I'm real. Salaam @Xiexie, you are a real beauty.

One Love ❤️

Aug 21, 2019 16:21

Im not saying your fake but i noticed that fakes are using forums too..
In my other posts, i mentioned that a sister who copied and pasted my own comment to me regarding fake profiles.
See the fakes are thinking that if they comment in forums then that automatically assumes there genuine to other users.
It's getting difficult to spot these fakes and may allah guide these brothers and sisters to make halal money.


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