Could you provide me with information about photos?

Could you provide me with information about photos?

Ms.Botagoza Created Jul 9, 2019 17:19

Could you provide me with information about photos,that I uploaded...but they're not shown..There is a sign like-pending approval


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Jul 9, 2019 17:21

What does it mean? I would be appreciated if you explain to me!!

Peace Guy

Jul 10, 2019 09:04

Pictures are checked out by the admin before they are allowed to be displayed. This prevents perverts from posting inappropriate material like ads or nudity. Your pictures will display "pending approval" until they pass inspection. Sometimes this takes a while depending on how many new members are signing up and how much time the admin has to devote. Remember that this site is free and therefore a kindness of the admin, so don't be critical if it takes longer than a couple of days. It is normal, and should be automatically displaying to all members after approval.

Wishing you all the best.
May we all find our soulmates - Ameen.


Jul 10, 2019 15:27

Thank you so much for the information!!!


Jul 10, 2019 15:28

Ameen ameen!! I wish you also all the best!!!


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