beware of Russian beauties here

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beware of Russian beauties here

aryan1234 Created Jul 8, 2019 01:02

I talk to a Russian and she gave her number . Now whenever I requested for a video chat she made excuse and she never answered questions I asked. Beware this pkace is full of scammers .


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Dunya To Jannah ❤️

Jul 14, 2019 14:21

Not just from Russia but 99% from USA are total fakes.. I have spoken to a few but they NEVER agree to a video call. Some sisters from Indonesia are fake too.. be sceptical of everyone one this site and NEVER send money to anyone.

Dunya To Jannah ❤️

Jul 15, 2019 11:51

Beware of SINGLE LADY from USA looking for halal marriage.
She's a fake.. refused a video call.
I reported her and account got deleted but now she has another.


Jul 18, 2019 18:37

Gold diggers - https://youtu.be/6vJTm0Z7_24


Jul 20, 2019 00:24

Hy@Dunya to Jannah and others! You know it’s not about being fake only,most girls don’t like video calls especially with someone they’re just trying to know..But some guys like video calls a lot,they keep insisting almost everyday & we don’t feel comfortable most of the time.But some people are really fake that’s why they’re hiding themselves.Allah knows best.


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