Are their real,responsible men here, ready to get committed?

Are their real,responsible men here, ready to get committed?

Abibat321 Created Jul 2, 2019 10:47

Asalam aleikun
Have been have for sometime now, still cant find any real person here,honestly I am getting tired here..

Maa salaam


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Sellah waingo43yrs

Jul 2, 2019 21:56

Subra sister subra , yes there are i actually encountered two men here that are personally known to me in real life , but you need patience and you also need to understand what works against us africans in online dating, one we are mostly considered visa hunters by people in the west, two we are suspected of being romance scammers...three some of our brothers from the content prefer non african wives.. so you have to overcome all that, just pray, have subra and search online and offline as well. Keep your boundaries , stay halal


Jul 2, 2019 22:40

Sallah waing043yrs thank you so much...
I just have d blive that Allah will do it at the best and right time....I have faith..


Jul 3, 2019 18:39

Abibat contact me please


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